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Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Notes from the Defiance Democrat, 1860 - found on its page 2.

January 7, 1860 - Died - Philemon DODD, an old and esteemed resident of Adams township, died on Tuesday evening, 27th ult., aged 61 years. Mr. Dodd was Justice of the Peace of that township.

January 28, 1860 - Died - On Thursday evening last, January 26th, after a short, but severe illness, Jason A. CARMAN, a printer, aged 32 years. The deceased was for fourteen years employed in this office - having learned his trade here; for the past eleven years he has served as our Foreman. We found him ever an honest, faithful and diligent man. He leaves a widow and two children.

February 18, 1860. Died - Francis J. WEISENBURGER, who has been sick since last summer, died on Monday evening last. He has been for more than 20 years a citizen of Defiance, active, enterprising and honorable, and has contributed much to the improvement of the place. His age was 43 years.

February 25, 1860 - John NEAL, aged about 60 years, an insane person, died last week from injuries resulting from burning - having set himself on fire with matches in the absence of the family with whom he was living. The fire was discovered in season to secure him from the flames, but he shortly after died from the effects. He lived in Highland township, near Ayresville.

March 17, 1860 - Died on Sunday last of consumption, Frederick G. COX, aged 40 years. In Delaware township, of measles, on March 3rd, Hiram RITCHHART, aged 25 years.

March 24, 1860 - The Democracy of Tiffin township met last Saturday and nominated the following Excellent Ticket: Justice of the Peace, Levin PORTER; Trustees, John SNIDER, David MILLER, Phillip McCAULEY; Clerk, A. F. COREY; Treasurer, Levin PORTER; Assessor, William RATH; Constables, Alex. BOHN and Amos SNIDER.

March 31, 1860 - Died - On the 19th inst., in Hicksville township, Defiance county, Ohio, Mr. Isaac WARTENBEE departed the earth and life and commenced his spiritual career on a more sublimated existence in the future life. He was sixty-six years of age and had been a resident of this county for twenty-six years. He has left a large class of relatives and numerous friends and acquaintances to mourn his loss.

April 7, 1860 - Died - On the 30th of March, at the residence of the Rev. A. DETZER, in Defiance, Miss Sophia YACKY, aged 24 years 3 months and 16 days.

April 28, 1860 - Auglaize Bridge. The Commissioners on the 20th inst. Let the contract for re¬building the Bridge across the Auglaize River to W. H. Thornton, of Defiance, contract price of $4500, to be completed by the 1st day of September next. The bridge is to be mostly of pine, on the Howe Truss plan, well secured with bolts, rods, &c., of iron, and is to be a light, tasteful and secure structure. The piles and abutments are to be rebuilt form one foot below low water mark and filled to the top with stone.

May 12, 1860 - Died - On Monday evening, May 7th, Cornelia Isabella, daughter of the late Francis J. WEISENBURGER, aged 7 months. In Springfield, Ill., April 13th, of Lung Fever, Mary Ellen, oldest daughter of D. S. and Sarah E. GROFF, aged 3 years, 5 months and 25 days.

June 2, 1860 - Died, on Wednesday, May 30th, Edgar Marcellus, son of S. R. and Nancy HUDSON, aged 6 months and 14 days.

June 9, 1860 - Died - On Monday evening last, Julius DOLKE, aged 12 years.

June 16, 1860 - Died - Francis HENRY, son of the late John Henry, of Milford township, died recently at St. Joseph, Missouri, on his way to Pike's Peak. He was a promising young man, aged 20 years.

June 30, 1860 - Died - on Friday, June 22d, Pamela c., daughter of James B. and Rebecca HEATLEY, aged 2 months.

July 7, 1860 - Died -On Thursday, June 28th, at the residence of her son James CHENEY, in Logansport, Indiana, Mrs. Abigail Cheney, relict of the late Roswell Cheney of Toledo and for some years an esteemed resident of Defiance, aged 67 years and 6 months.

Died - On the 30th of June, at Painesville, Ohio, Mrs. Aurel CAREY, formerly a resident of this village and sister of Horace SESSIONS, aged 50 years.

July 21, 1860 - Died - At Hicksville, in this county, after a brief illness, on Wednesday, July 11 th, Allen PARKER, Esq., in 49th year of his age. Mr. Parker was a native of Maryland, and for the earlier part of his life, a resident of Ross county, in this state. He removed to this county in 1836, and settled in Hicksville, as one of its very first residents. He was a kind and indulgent husband and father, a true friend and a useful citizen. He leaves a wife and family of young children, to whom is loss is irreparable; and the entire community will sympathize with them in their sad bereavement. He was a kind and obliging neighbor, and the old settlers of the county, to whom he was generally known, will feel that one of their number has been taken away from among them who was ever active in deeds of real kindness and friendship. He endured, with a peculiar cheerfulness, all the privations and hardships incident to the settlement of a new county and hopefully labored for and received the rewards due to industry and integrity.

July 28, 1860 - Died on Tuesday evening, 17th ins. At his residence, in Defiance, George OTT, aged 30 years. The cause of his death was occasioned by falling off the Handcar on the T.W. & W.R.R., where he was employed as a work-hand. He leaves a wife to lament his untimely end.

August 25, 1860 - Died - on the 13th of August, in Farmer township, after a protracted illness, Ann Eliza, daughter of Abraham and Lydia BERCAW, aged 26 (?) years.

September 1, 1860 - Died - on Sunday, August 26th, of disease of the Heart, John N. GIBSON, Esq., aged 35 years.

September 29,1860 - Died in Noble township, on Sat., September 22d, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Adam GINGEY, aged 27 years, 4 months, 14 days.

William SEMANS, Esq., formerly of Defiance, died at his residence in Leavenworth City, Kansas on Friday evening, September 14th, aged 60 years. Mr. Semans was a resident of Defiance, esteemed and influential from about 1825 - 1857 - having been one of the earliest settlers in the present town of Defiance.

Frederick SIEGMAN, a German, residing across the Auglaize, was drowned on Friday evening, 21st, while crossing the Ferry over that river. His age was about 30. He had been for some time employed in Lindenberger's ashery.

October 20, 1860 - Died - On the 7th inst., Harriet Irena, only daughter ofV. H. and Eliza MOATS, aged three years.

Died - In Ayersville, Defiance County, on the 2nd day of October, Nannie M., daughter of N.A. and Rachel BOUTELL, aged 15 months and 9 days.

December 1, 1860 - Died on Sunday, November 25th, William LEWIS Sr., aged about 90 years.

December 15, 1860 - Died in Tiffin township, on Friday, December 7th, Nancy, wife of Mordecai CAMERON, aged 72 years.

December 29, 1860 - Died on Tuesday, December 25th, of Consumption after a lingering illness, William MOORE, late Post Master, aged 46 years, 7 months and 3 days.

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