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Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper - 1861

Notes from the Defiance Democrat, 1861 - found on its page 2.

January 5, 1861- Died On Sunday, December 30th, Flora Avis, daughter of John W. and Elizabeth WILSON, aged 1 year and 17 days. On Friday, the 28yh day of December, at the residence of his father, of Consumption, George

Garrison, son of W. T. FRENCH, Esq, aged 18 years and 6 months.

January 12, 1861- Rev. John FLORY, an old and esteemed resident of Adams township, died on Monday last, aged 50 years and 6 months. He was a minister of the "German Baptists."

"Black JULIA," an honest, simple-minded, industrious and truly pious Negro of the true Guinea stamp, long resident of Defiance, died suddenly on Saturday morning last, at the residence of Rev. MORRISON. Her age was about 80.

January 19, 1861- Died on the 12th of January, in Delaware township, after a severe illness, Sophia, wife of Wm. ROUSH, aged 37 years.

January 26, 1861- Destructive Fire - On Sunday morning last, our town was visited with a destructive fire which laid in ashes several buildings and much valuable property. About one 0' clock, flames were discovered issuing from the Stove Store of L. E. MYERS, on west side of Clinton, which shortly spread on the south to the grocery of L. DEGGINGER, the law offices of HOLGATE and SESSIONS, FIDDLER's Barber Shop and grocery of M. SHONDAL and on the north to the Bank building of Geo. GIBSON - occupied by Dr. PAUL, Dr. ROBERTS, Jos. RALSTON and LELAND & PHELPS. Myers saved nothing, not even books and papers, his loss is not far from $2000. The other sufferers were fortunate enough to have their goods removed, so that their loss results most from removal and breakage and strange to say, from stealing. Esq. Ralston loses notes and other valuable papers. The front of two valuable lots being now clear, it is hoped that when rebuilt, it will be with more substantial and less combustible buildings. The proprietors being abundantly able, they owe this to the public. Entire loss must be about $10,000. Sufficient certainly to induce in the future caution, care of fires and complete insurance. There was, it is singular, no insurance on any of the goods or buildings. How the fire originated is not known. The general supposition is that it is the work of an incendiary. A Fire Engine would have been of great service at the fire the other night and aided no doubt in saving at least three of the buildings. The Town Council should immediately take steps to procure one.

The Commissioners of Defiance county on Monday last authorized a Chain Gang. Hereafter, petty criminals, instead of fattening their lazy hulks in inaction, will be forced to pay the county the expenses incident to their board and confinement by wholesome labor on the streets or woodpile. Good idea!

February 23, 1861- Died - On Tuesday, February is" of Consumption, Mrs. Susan, wife of William F. THORNTON, and daughter of J. G. FREDERICK, aged 21 years,S months and 19 days. On Wednesday last, of Consumption, Miss Elizabeth HELRICH, aged 19 years.

March 2, 1861- A young son of the late N. B. T. SCHAMP, residing for some years past with Thomas RETHMEL of Tiffin township, was killed last week, by a vicious horse which he was leading.

April 6, 1861- Died- On Monday last, April i". of Consumption, Mrs. Sarah Ann, wife of Charles W. EVANS, aged 29 years, 4 months and 7 days.

April 20, 1861 - The War feeling pervades the whole country without respect to party. Offers of troops are given from all sections of the North. The President has called for volunteers from the States - 13 Regiments from Ohio.

An enthusiastic meeting was held in Defiance on Tuesday evening generally favoring the war. Gen. SPRAGUE is enlisting a company of volunteers to serve under the call, from Ohio, with every prospect of succeeding within a few days. E. H. PHELPS, Pay Master General, has left for Columbus to assume his place in the Staff of Gov. DENNISON. The State is resounding with note of preparation for the conflict. Troops are already gathering at

Columbus. All party feelings and prejudices seem in this matter to be laid aside, all uniting in the support of the administration and the supremacy of the Constitution and the Laws.

April 20, 1861- Died on Saturday last, April 13, of Consumption, Francis J. WEISENBURGER Jr, aged 20 years and 1 month. William HAMMIL, of Noble township, was so badly hurt on Wednesday last, by the falling of a bent at GRAPER's sawmill, that his life is despairing.

April 27, 1861- For ten days past our town has been a military post, the war a general topic and preparation the general business ... On Tuesday of this week, the first company elected officers as follows: Gen. S. S. SPRAGUE, Captain; William J. IRVINE, 1st Lieutenant and Charles KAHLO. 2nd Lieutenant. A farewell meeting was held that night at which a silk flag, prepared by the ladies, was presented and the Company, numbering 105, left in the Cars for Cleveland, before day Wednesday morning. It is made up of excellent material and will not dishonor Defiance or their country. The following is a list: Defiance Guards: William J. IRVINE, Charles KAHLO, Henry H. D. BELL, Christian M. GRAHAM, Sidney S. SPRAGUE, John W. WILSON, William GRAHAM, McCartney TODD, Charles A.SMITH, Francis M. BURNS. William M. BURNS. William M. HAGEN, John DILLON, Jeremiah HALL. Lewis and Charles COLMAN, Aquilla MASTERS, Adam MENZEL, Aden BART, Levi MITCHELSON, Johnathan BARNUM, Joseph SHUll, Jones BIXBY, William N. ROGERS, George H. BLECK, Aaron CLARE, Alexander R. BRITION, Charles ODEN, Lewis WATIERMAN, Samuel TOOPS, Edward SMITH, Daniel WHITMORE, David BUCKMASTER, Alden KEAZER, Samuel VAN VLERAH, Henry LAZENBY, Jonathan WARWICK, Daniel BISHOP, Bailey FLEMMING, Elijah KARNES, Ferdinand MESSMAN, Jacob WARWICK, Edmond METZ, Casper SHOFF, William HERSHBERGER, Franklin J. BLOCK, Amiel PEACHEN, William WHEELER, Napoleon PEACH EN, Clark BAILEY, Israel ELTON, John WEIPPERT, James ALLEN, Henry GENGRICH, Orlando COLWELL. Abraham VAN VLERAH, Frederic W. HOELTZEL, Cyrus M. WITHERILL, Demetrius L. BELL, Peter SIEREN, James ODEN, Robert McGAFFICK, Jacob GILLS, Joseph MURPHY, Franklin M. B. WINANS, David A. GLEASON, Ransom P. OSBORN, William H. PALMER, Joshua HARPER, Michael FRANKLIN, Morgan REES, John W. DAW, William DEMLAND, Solomon H. CURTIS, Solomon DEAMER, Nicholas BUCKMASTER, Charles MORFILAUS, James HOY, Phillip HAHN, Peter MOGG, Jonas WALDNER, Henry MILLER, William H. WELLS, Henry R. RANDALL, Samuel KYLE, Henry HENDRICKS, Edward COLWELL, John POORMAN, Jacob POORMAN, Augustus WEAM, William DAVIS, Aaron DIXON, Michael CARL. John MOLL, James KOCHEL, Michael RATH, Phillip RATH, Isaiah F. ALEXANDER, Franklin DUCK, C. J. WOODCOX, Alvah MALLORY, Benjamin CORWIN, Frank YOUNG, Adam KOCH, David HOY - 105.

The second company is now full of promising young men, and drilling under charge of S. A. STRONG, who is to be, or has been elected Captain. We learn that Col. SPRAGUE's company is encamped at Fremont and that the second company will not be accepted, at least for the present.

April 27, 1861- Died of Diptheria, April 17th, in Farmer township, Eliza Jane, daughter of Richard and Harriet KNIGHT, aged 20 years, 9 months and 1 day.

May 4, 1861- The lifeless body of Bennet PIERCE, of the firm of COBB, PIERCE & SQUIRE, of this place, was brought home on Friday evening, 26 ult., he having been drowned that morning, while crossing the Auglaize, in a canoe near the mouth of the Blanchard. It appears that he fell out of the canoe and before aid could be extended, he sunk to rise no more. Defiance thus loses an excellent citizen and his family, a devoted husband and father. His remains were on Saturday afternoon taken for interment to Birmingham, Erie county.

The Second Defiance Company is full, and organized and awaits marching orders. Its officers are Samuel A. STRONG, Captain; John PAUL Jr., First Lieutenant; J. P. ARRANTZ of Milford township, Second Lieutenant.

Capt. Strong's Company has received its marching orders, and will leave for Camp Taylor, Cleveland, within a few days.

May 18, 1861- Died - On Tuesday night, May 14th, Lewis T. HUDSON, aged 29 years, 10 months and 28 days.

May 25,1861- David TAYLOR Esq., of Defiance, has been appointed by President Lincoln, a Paymaster in the Army. He will leave in a day or two for the Seat of War.

June 22, 1861- A son of Geo. P. HOLTZELL of Highland, who volunteered in Col. SPRAGUE's Company, is reported to have been dangerously wounded and his father has been sent for.

August 17, 1861 - Capt. Strong's Company reached home on Thursday morning. The notice of their arrival was so short, that but little preparation was made for their reception - they were, however, welcomed by their friends and relatives, by a large turn out at the Depot. They came in good order and fine spirits. Wm. BISHOP, who was wounded, is at Gallipolis, well cared for and is expected home in a few weeks. Barton SMITH died from wounds and G.W. BLUE was killed at the battle of Scary, on Kanawha. With these exceptions, the company returns entire.

August 24, 1861 - The 38th Regiment, which has its headquarters at Defiance, has the following for Field Officers: Edward D. BRADLEY, Stryker, Colonel; Edward H. PHELPS, Defiance, Lieutenant Colonel; Epaphras L. BARBER, Wauseon, Major. The Camp, named "Camp Trimble" after one of Ohio's early Governors, will be opened next week - when several companies are expected to take position. It is located on the South side of the Maumee on the "HULL" farm, now owned by Wm. LEWIS Jr., about half a mile below Defiance. It is on the Banks of the River, and Preston's Run, on high ground, near several excellent springs, and is a very judicious location. Tents and regular equipage, with Soldier's Rations, will be furnished from the start and will be military throughout in all its arrangements. (Sept. 7, 1861 - The Camp is half mile below Defiance, on the banks of the Maumee, in full view of the Court House.)

August 31,1861- Mill Burned. The Steam Saw Mill of John WELKER, on the Plank Road, seven miles Northwest from Defiance, was destroyed by fire, 23 inst. The fire caught from some lumber that was seasoning overhead and on which sparks during the day must have fallen. It is hoped that the mill will be re-built, as it was of great utility and convenience in that vicinity.

September 7, 1861 - Died - On Saturday last, August 31st, Charles HUBER, Teacher of Music, a native of Baden, aged 40 years.

September 14,1861 - Martin B. LINN, son of Uriah LINN, of Highland township, died in the Hospital, at Grafton, Va, August 30th, of Consumption, aged 20 years. He was a member of a Company from Tiffin, in the 8th Ohio Regiment, a young man of promise and in excellent health before he enlisted.

October 26, 1861 - Died October 19th, in Toledo, of Diphtheria, May, only child of Nathan M. and Amelia LANDIS, aged 4 years and 5 months.

November 2, 1861- Died, on Saturday morning last, October 26th, of Diphtheria, Michael, son of Barney and Mary GORMAN, aged 6 years, 1 month and 5 days.

November 9, 1861- Wm. H. ADAMS, of Defiance, a Sergeant in Capt. Irving's Company, 38th Regiment, died a few days since in Kentucky of Lung Fever. He was about 40 years of age. He leaves a wife and family.

Michael W. SMITH, Ex-Superintendent of the Defiance Union School, has been appointed Major in the i" Regiment, Ohio Cavalry.

Died on Saturday, November 2d, in Delaware township, Conrad Byers MULLICAN, aged 49 years.

November 23, 1861- Obituary - Died September 24th, 1861, in Defiance county, of Consumption, Mildred E. WASSON, aged 17 years and 24 days. From the lips and examples of her pious mother, Mildred learned to pray when very young, a lesson which she always remembered. She experienced religion and united with the M.E. church in February 1860. Her religious experience from that time till death evinced great distrust in her own worthiness and strong confidence in God. Just before death, she expressed unshaken faith in her Redeemer, and a readiness and willingness to go home. Though so young, there were plainly discernible marked and commendable traits of character. Great self-possession, conscious individuality, zeal, diligence, perseverance and filial love and reverence. With perfect composure she talked of dying, and disposed of her property, and arranged all her temporal business. In conversation, as to her religious experience, in health and to the last, she used no stereotypical phrases, but adhered to her own modes of thought and expression. Zeal, diligence and perseverance marked her relations to the Sabbath and Common Schools, both as scholar and teacher. While her Sunday School suffered severely, at times, for want of teachers, through the indolence or want of appreciation of others, she was when able always at her post, devoted to her class, her class warmly attached to her. No privation of her sickness was more severely felt than her necessary absences from the Sunday School. .. She would not even ask, when invited by others, to go to any place of amusement, or for any indulgence, which she knew was contrary to her mother's religious convictions ... A very large concourse attended her to her resting place and paid the tribute of a tear ...

November 30, 1861- Wm LEWIS, son of Wm LEWIS Jr., of Defiance, aged about 20 years, a member of Capt. Irving's Company, in the 38th Regiment, died a few days since in Kentucky, of Lung Fever, and was buried near Danville.

December 7, 1861- Christian HESC, long a highly respected citizen of Defiance, died on Sunday morning last, aged 49 years. He was one of the Trustees of Defiance township, at the time of his death and had been for some years past. Henry BIEDERSTADT has been appointed a Trustee of Defiance township in place of Christian HESC deceased - a good selection.

Divorce notice - Barbara TOCHTERMAN vs. Emil TOCHTERMAN. She charges that he has been willfully absent for more than three years.

December 14, 1861 - (p. 3) Died -In Fort Wayne, December 5th, America, Wife of Hon. Pliny HOAGLAND, and daughter of Dr. John EVANS, aged 41 years

December 21,1861- (p. 3) - John CALWELL, a member of Colonel Sprague's Company, died here, week before last. He was out in the three month service. He was raised in this vicinity - a son of "Old Basil" CALWELL.

Died at Junction, on Thursday morning last of Erysipelas, Alexander BACKUS, Canal Collector, aged 45 years.

Died on Saturday last, Charles KAHLO Sen., aged 50 years.

Died in Milford township, Defiance county, Ohio, on the 22d of November 1861, Sarah HUGHES, wife of G.

R. HUGHES, aged 49 years, 2 months and 9 days.

Died at Independence, Defiance county, Catharine ALLSHOUSE, wife of Wm. H. ALLSHOUSE, of Consumption, after an illness of nine months, aged 25 years, 3 months and 20 days. The deceased was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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