Defiance County

Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Notes from the Defiance Democrat, 1862

January 11, 1862 – Died, On Monday last, Patrick William, son of Martin and Sophia GORMAN, aged 9 months and 20 days.

January 18, 1862 – Died on Wednesday last, January 15th, after a short illness, Pierce EVANS, in the 69th year of his age. Judge Evans was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, August 28th, 1793. He settled on the Maumee in 1822, and since 1825 has resided on the farm, near Defiance, which he entered and improved. He was a thrifty, upright and respected citizen. The Funeral will take place today, Saturday, at one o’clock, P.M., at the Presbyterian church.

January 25, 1862 – 80 acres of School Land, Section 16, in Washington township, appraised at $3 per acre, was sold on Wednesday by Auditor Arrowsmith, after lively competition, at $6.60 per acre. The sale closes out the School Land of this township.

Died on Wednesday evening, January 22d, after a lingering illness and within one week of the death of her husband, Mary Ann EVANS, relict of the late Pierce Evans, aged 66 years.

February 1, 1862 – Lieutenant Alphonzo T. BRAUCHER, Second Lieut. In the Defiance Company in the 38th Regiment, and son of Isaac Braucher of this vicinity, died suddenly on Wednesday morning last in Kentucky. His friends received a dispatch on Wednesday morning that he was very sick, and at noon another that he was dead. He was about 30 years of age, of robust health, and of exemplary habits and it could only be extreme hardships that could so soon have worn him down. His father started after his remains Wednesday P.M. and will return perhaps today.

Died on Saturday last, January 25th, in Adams township, Eli MARCKEL, in the 68th year of his age.

February 8, 1862 – The remains of Lieut. BRAUCHER were brought home on Tuesday. The funeral service took place on Thursday – interment in the Burying Ground at Independence.

A son of Resin SCOTT, Hicksville township, of the 14th Regiment came home last week from Kentucky, unwell and before it was known what was the disease, it proved to be smallpox which was well scattered throughout the neighborhood. Bad job! And nobody really to blame.

February 22, 1862 – William K. DAGGETT died last week at Antwerp, Paulding county. He was a resident of this vicinity for about 10 years to 1841, since which time he has resided in Paulding. He was a native of Saint Lawrence county, New York.

March 2, 1862 – The dwelling and all its contents of Peter FREDERICKS, formerly a citizen of Mark township in this county, now residing at Ankeneytown, Knox county, was destroyed by fire on the 17th of February.

March 8, 1862 – Joel DRESSER, of Antwerp, and once a resident of Defiance, was killed at the battle of Fort Donelson. He belonged to an Indiana regiment, recruited at Fort Wayne.

March 15, 1862 – Jno. CAMERON, Esq., returned from Kentucky on Wednesday with the corpse of his son, William W. Cameron of Capt. Miller’s company, 38th Regiment, who died in Lebanon Hospital, on Sunday evening last in the 19th year of his age. Mr. Cameron reports 1400 sick there and more arriving daily, and that they fare badly.

J. J. SUTER, a Swiss, a stone-mason by trade, well-known in Defiance, died at Fort Donelson about two weeks since.

The Ice went out of the Maumee on Tuesday night, doing no damage here, except carrying off the stays and supports used by the Railroad men while repairing their bridge, loss $300. The ice was about a foot thick.

April 5, 1862 – Educational – We give below the names of those pupils of the Defiance High School whose recitations have been most nearly perfect, during the last school term; also the names of those who have been neither tardy nor absent, and of those whose deportment has been perfectly correct throughout the entire term. Most Perfect Recitations – Phebe GREENE, Rosie RUHL, Hattie OTTLEY, Ida PHELPS, Emma PHELPS ; Neither Tardy nor Absent – Rosie RUHL and Ida PHELPS; Correct in Regard to Deportment – Adelaide PHELPS, Emma PHELPS and Phebe GREENE.

Rev. Uriah HEATH, a well known Methodist minister, died recently at Zanesville, Ohio. He was the first Circuit Preacher in this part of the State – his charge extending from St. Mary’s to the Michigan State Line – the settlements being all upon the Auglaize and its tributaries. This was in 1825-26.

Died on Thursday morning last, April 3d, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Mary M., wife of Edward F. LINDENBERGER, aged 39 years, 5 months and 6 days. The funeral services will take place tomorrow, Sunday at 10 ½ A.M. at the residence.

April 12, 1862 – William Rush EVANS, formerly of Defiance, son of the late Dr. John Evans, died at his residence, at Kendallville, Indiana, Wednesday, April 2d, aged 38 years.

April 26, 1862 – In an affray, last week, at Brunersburg, Julius LUEDERS, stabbed R. THALMAN with a butcher knife. After an examination had before Esq. KOONS, Lueders was committed to jail, in default of finding bail for $500.

John WEIPPERT, Capt Irving’s Company, 38th Regiment, well known in the vicinity of Defiance, died April 12th at the Nashville Hospital.

May 10, 1862 – Capt. John P. ARRANTS, of Company E, 21st Regiment, died at Brunersburg, this county, on Monday last. Since the campaign in the fall, through Eastern Kentucky, he has not been with his regiment, his health failing gradually until brought home to die. He was 2d Lieut, during the three months service, and acquitted himself so satisfactory, that on the re-organization of the Regiment, the Captaincy of the Defiance Company was conceded to him by unanimous consent. He was a young man of excellent character, fair talents, and universally respected. He leaves a young widow, daughter of the late William D. HAYMAKER, to whom he was married but a few days before his regiment left for Kentucky, in September last.

A son of Gabriel WATSON, of Highland township, George W. Watson, a member of Captain Sprague’s company, who came home sick about a month ago, died last week, aged 19 years.

The veteran apple tree, opposite the Fort, which gave fruit to Indians, French and British, now nearly a hundred years old, is coming out in full bloom, with no signs of decay, promising an abundant yield of apples.

May 17, 1862 – Eli MILLS of Capt. Miller’s Company, 38th Regiment, from above Evansport, died last week in Tenn. His corpse was brought home on Tuesday morning last.

May 24, 1862 – Letter from surgeon at Cincinnati, Third Street Military Hospital – “Charles W. BIXBY, a private of Company E, 48th Regiment, died in that Hospital, May 19th instant of Chronic Diarrhea. He was brought there from Pittsburgh Landing very sick. He said he lived at Defiance. He left some money and clothes, which his friends can have by bringing letters of administration. They can also get his body at any time; it was decently interred in Spring Grove Cemetery.

June 7, 1862 – Died on Saturday last, May 31st, in Delaware township, William TRAXLER, aged 50 years, 5 months and 7 days.

June 14, 1862 – The Homestead Act recently passed…It will be seen, that on the payment of $10 and the Land Officer’s fee, $4, and a residence on the land for five years, 160 acres are granted for a homestead… We notice by the way, that the 160 acres so lavishly and universally promised by all the Recruiting handbills of last year are not provided for; and that by this bill the public domain worth having may be taken up by the stay-at-homes, before the soldiers get their bounty land allowed – Congress should be just before being generous.

Died at the family residence, near Antwerp, Ohio, on Thursday, May 8, 1862, after a short illness, Ellen M., consort of J. D. BAKER, aged 33 years, 5 months and 13 days. A husband and five children remain to follow (at the will of the Great Disposer) to the better land.

Died in Delaware township, on the 5th day of June, 1862, Melinda Jane, daughter of Frederic and Huldah Jane SLOUGH, and adopted by G.W. and Sarah Ann HILL, aged 10 years, 10 months and 19 days.

June 21, 1862 – A son of Jonathan FORREST, of this township, died a few days since in the Hospital at Nashville, Tennessee.

June 28, 1862 – Homer W. MOATS, Sergeant in Captain V. H. Moats’ Company, 48th Regiment, died at the residence of his father in Noble township, on Sunday last, June 22d. He came home six weeks ago very feeble, soon took to his bed, lingering betwixt life and death for near a month. His age was 33 years and 6 months – he leaves a wife and three children.

Adolph KOHLMAN, of 7th Ohio Regiment, wounded at Cross Lane, Va., August 20, 1861, died November 13, 1861, a prisoner at War at New Orleans. Mr. Kohlman was known to many of our citizens.

Died in Milford township, on the 19th day of June of Erysipelas in the head, William OTIS, aged 42 years, 3 months and 2 days. Thus we have another afflictive dispensation, in the death of an highly esteemed citizen. He moved to this country in the year 1847, and has resided among us ever since – a man of strict integrity, cheerful in his ways, and of an obliging character – he has left warm friends to mourn his loss.

July 5, 1862 – Died on Saturday morning last, June 21st, 1862, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Henry HARDY, in the 29th year of her age.

July 12, 1862 – Lemira A. BOWKER vs. John BOWKER, petition for divorce. John, of Georgetown, in the county of El Dorado, California. Lemira charges John has been absent from her for three years and with habitual drunkenness for five years past and gross neglect of duty.

July 19, 1862 – Governor TOD has authorized Jas. U. BLUE, of Ayersville, and Wm. H. THORNTON, of Defiance, to raise a Company in Defiance county for the 100th Regiment. These are active, energetic and worthy men, and must succeed in the time (thirty days) in getting the requested number. One month’s pay and one-fourth bounty ($25) is paid in advance to volunteers under the present call. Now is the time – no delay – come right forward.

The Lutherans of Defiance have procured a large, fine-toned Bell for their Church. It weighs without fixtures 708 lbs., which is about 200 lbs. heavier than any other in town. It costs $240.

August 2, 1862 – J. DUSH, of Delaware township, Capt. MOAT’s company, 48th Regiment, died July 22nd at one of the Cincinnati Hospitals.

August 9, 1862 – In a list of deaths at Corinth, Mississippi, we find these from this county: William PLATTER, Rheumatism; George OTT, Typhoid Fever – both of Co. E, 14th Regiment, Capt. Wilson’s.

Frank BRAUCHER, son of Isaac BRAUCHER, died on Wednesday last, aged 21 years. He belonged to Capt. IRVING’s Company, 38th Regiment; was home all last winter on sick leave; returned to his company in April, but his health giving away again, was discharged, and reached home two weeks since, but to die.

August 16, 1862 – Lewis E. ENOS, son of Lt. W. E. ENOS, of this place, a member of one of the Michigan regiments, is a prisoner at Richmond, taken during the recent battles in that vicinity.

August 23, 1862 – A son of Jacob KARST, aged three years, a promising young boy, was drowned in the Maumee last week, near his residence.

August 30, 1862 – Defiance county sent out 300 volunteers within the past ten days – over two companies for the 111th and 70 for the German Regiment, officered as follows: John E. HILL, Captain; Solomon CALLENDER, 1st Lieutenant; Hiram MEEKS, 2nd Lieutenant. B. F. SOUTHWORTH, Captain; William C. TRAVIS, 1st Lieutenant; Elijah KARNES, 2nd Lieutenant. Martin VIEBACH, Captain; William MARTIN, 1st Lieutenant; ____ 2nd.

Died – On Saturday, August 23d, Maria Elizabeth, daughter of John SCHIESS, aged 3 years, 3 months.

September 13, 1862, page 4 – SONG OF COMPANY D, 111th OHIO REGIMENT

Captain HILL of Company D, Will lead us on to victory….Away, away, away in Dixie Land.
Company D will never run, But fight the rebels two to one…Away…
We’ll teach the rebels in due time, That Jeff’s rebellion’s quite sublime…Away &c.
CALLENDER, MEEK, both go to fight, Believing God protects the right….Away &c.
Our Orderly Sergeant, Ez. CRARY, Always does it up in a hurry…Away, &c.
Our other Sergeants we’ll review, Oscar WORKS and Harry SWEET, too…Away &c.
And BOWKER, too, you know him well, He’ll be a dead or living tell…Away &c.
He can teach young ideas how to shoot, And fight his country’s foes to boot…Away &c.
And WELDON to the contest goes, And leaves his friends to fight his foes….Away &c.
Our Corporals, they are prompt and willing, FURLOW, BEBEE, FARNSWORTH and CLELAND…Away &c.
They’ll save the Union at any price, With REASER, BURBEC, GIBBS and RICE….Away, &c.
John FOOT is useful, too, you see, To beat tattoo and revile…Away &c.
Samuel S. HUGHES, our musician, Well deserves a better position…Away &c.
When Company D is far away, We’ll remember the ladies of Farmer…Away &c.
A and D will never run, But fight the rebels two to one…Away &c.
And with a sigh of fond regret, That Farmer breakfast we can’t forget…Away &c.
We’ll guard that flag with jealous care, None but the brave deserve the fair…Away &c.

September 27, 1862 – Died – On Monday morning, September 15th, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John MILLER, aged 64 years and 23 days.

October 11, 1862 – The Draft took place here on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. We hear no complaints of unfairness in the proceedings. The enlistments were all duly credited. The selection made is remarkable, as being mainly of those who ought to be at home – men of large families and of no great capacity for getting along in the world. Of the 179, perhaps not 18 are able to hire substitutes. It must fall with great severity upon many families. The drafted men are ordered to Defiance on Monday next, to be immediately forwarded to Camp, at Cleveland.

Governor TOD has exempted from the operation of the draft all State and County officers, all Ministers of the Gospel having charge of congregations, and fixed $200 as the rate at which non-combatants, Quakers and others may be released, which sum is to be spent by the State in hiring substitutes. Drafted men, or their substitutes, have the privilege, before being mustered in, to enlist in any of the Volunteer Regiments and have the benefit of all bounties.


Adams township – Francis NOLLAN, Alfred FRONK, Jeremiah FIDLEY, Miles GILLETT, Peter CORESSEL, Jacob B. LEHMAN, Henry BEHRENS, August LINDAU, Isaac MATTOX, Joseph GRAF, Edward HEFFEL, George LOUDERS, Henry SWEINHAGEN, William B. TUBBS, Milton ROUGH, David STEEL, Zadok CLEAR, Theobald WESTERICK, Peter ELLING, John H. CONKLE, John B. ELLIOTT, Abraham HIGHBY, David SWANK, Jacob SCHLETTER, Frederick HOGRAVE, Aaron NARKLEY, William JONES, H. B. LEHMAN - 28

Defiance township – Tobias C. BREECE, Jas. ELLIOTT, F. W. STOCK, Michael GORMAN, G. W. KLOPER, John R. ANDREWS, Andrew LESH, John POWERS, J. D. GRAPER, Thos. McGUSHEN, Lewis FRY, Henry BIEDERSTADT, Andrew C. REYNOLDS, Warren SMITH, John TAAFFE, Chas. BIEDE, Jas. SHAREY, John BARNUM, Geo. SMITH, Seth KINTNER, Geo. R. HOOKER, Geo. KEAZER, Jacob MILLER, Jas. O’HERNE, Joseph FOURNEY, S. L. ALFORD, John SINK, Alexander RANDALL, Godfrey MANZ, Jacob MOORE, Jacob HANNICK, Frederick KROUSE, Jas. GRAHAM, Peter VAN DEN BROCK, Sam’l GARMAN, Chas. HECHT, Chas. RUSSELL Jr., Frank WALL, John STITZEL, Wm. G. NICELY – 40

Delaware township – Stephen TRAXLER, John F. KROW, Hiram BLEEKS, John G. OPENLANDER, Isaac N. MOCH, Sam’l M. KINTNER, John STETTER, Uriah SMITH, Peter KROOKTON, John W. SANDERS, Cornelius SINK, Jared I. KOONS, Jacob HURSH, Simon P. SHOOK, Abraham FINCH – 15

Farmer township – Randolph J. GIBBONS, Robert POLLOCK – 2

Highland township – exempt

Hicksville township – John HENRY, Wm. HOLLINGER, Wesley DEWELL, Abraham MILLER – 4

Mark township – Bennet J. WHITE, Leroy DOUGLAS, Thos. CLINE, Adam LAMB, Thomas CONNELLY, Patrick KELLEY, Henry ROAN, David W. SPINDLER, Jas. O. HUTCHINSON, Jacob SPINDLER, Emanuel MURPHY, John BRININGER – 12

Milford township – Geo. H. MUNN, Alfred SWAGGER, Phillip SUFFIL, Darius HOPKINS, James WILSON, Henry KELLER, B. F. HENDERSHOT, Jacob FITZCHARLES, Jas. LETT, Stephen W. STRONG, Dwight HENRY, Peter SUFFIL, John ECK – 13

Noble township – John CLINE, Joseph HILTON, Sam’l POTTERF, David W. STEVENS, Julius LUEDERS, John DOWE, Geo. PARTEE, Foreman E. TRAVIS, Frederick HAYMAKER, Geo. KINTNER, Harman PREUSER, Geo. RATH, Paul HUMMEL, Henry PREUSER, Dan’l BRUNER – 15

Richland township – Henry DIETSCH, Henry FRITSCH – 2

Tiffin township – Jacob GRIER, Peter KOONS, Isaiah MOON, David WISSLER, John G. WEILAND, Geo. BLACK, Jas. A. PARTEE, Wm. JUSTICE – 8

Washington township – Joseph FIELDS, Geo. HANNA, Alb’t SHEETS, John BLACKER, Joseph SEWELL, S. B. REED, Richard TROXEL, Rudolph MOTTER, Geo. GINTHER, Jacob BAUER, Jas. KISSLER, Martin STRUBLE, Henry FREASE, John KINTNER, Davis MITCHEL, Clarkson EWERS, William WILSON, Michael KNISLEY, Wm. STRUSAKER, Albert DOUD, Geo. DEHOFF, David KELLER, Christian SHARTZBECK, Isaac GARVER, Eugene J. MOON – 25

Defiance County draft = 164 total

November 15, 1862 – Drowned - Oliver HARRIS, a resident of Mark township, Defiance county, was drowned in the Maumee, on Tuesday evening last, falling from a Canal Boat. He was on his way to Camp Cleveland. He was about 45 years of age and leaves a wife to mourn his loss.

Died on Saturday morning last, November 8th, of Consumption, Phebe GREENE, daughter of the editor of this paper, aged 14 years, 9 months and 6 days.

Died on Thursday morning last, James Madison, son of John M. and Nancy Jane SEWELL, aged 15 months and 23 days.

December 6, 1862 – Captain W. H. THORNTON, 100th Regiment, died last week in Kentucky. His wife reached him barely in time to see him alive. His remains were brought to Defiance on Saturday evening last, and interred with Masonic ceremonies on Monday. The very large concourse of people at the funeral testified the general respect entertained for him, as well as heartfelt sympathy for the bereaved.

December 20, 1862 – Henry KOCH, a corporal of Company C, 108th Regiment, formerly a clerk in Hooker’s store in this place, was killed at the battle of Hartsville, Tenn.

Died in the Hospital at Danville, Kentucky, Amos MARIHUGH and Alfred STUBBS of Adams township, and members of Capt. Southworth’s Company, 111th Regiment. Both were young men and married.

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