Defiance County

Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Defiance Democrat - April, 1915

Being Made at Probate Judge Farrell’s Office
Twenty Widows Beneficiaries
Under the new Mothers’ Pension Law, twenty mothers in Defiance county have been placed on the pension roll and may now call at the Probate Judge’s office and receive warrants for their first montly allowance.
The mother’s compensation act was created for the purpose of assisting needy mothers in their struggle to keep their family circle of children unbroken. It is a worthy cause, the monthly payments being available the fifteenth of each month or thereafter. About $2000 will be paid annually in Defiance county under this act.
The maximum allowance of $15 per month is drawn by only one in this county, Mrs. Emma PARKER of Jewell, she being the only one entitled to this amount under the act.
Following is the list of mothers, number of children and the amount they will receive monthly:
Anna POTTERF, four children - $12
Sarah Jane BATES, three children - $5
Hattie M. SMITH, two children - $10
Hattie SLOCUM, four children - $12
Nancy Ann GOODENOUGH, three children - $5
Grace M. WHITNEY, one child - $8
Sophia ROSE, four children - $8
Pearl WORT, four children - $12
Iva SWILLEY, two children - $6
Emma PARKER, six children - $15
Etta ENZOR, one child – $5
Grace E. ALEXANDER, two children - $8
Christena HOUCK, two children - $8
Nettie J. HARTER, two children - $12
Flora GREEN, one child - $5
Margaret DIETRICK, five children - $5
Rodelle H. ROYER, one child - $5
Elizabeth DEY, two children - $5
Clara M. ELLSWORTH, three children - $5
Anna E. FLECK, one child - $8
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