Defiance County

Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Defiance Democrat - August 24, 1893


Meeting of the Maumee Valley Association at Antwerp
The Early Settlers Will Meet at Defiance to Talk Over Old Times Next Year
The meeting of the Maumee Valley Pioneer Association at Antwerp Thursday was one long to be remembered by the old settlers in attendance. Speeches by Rev. H. A. Brown and Clark Waggoner, of Toledo, were listened to with interest…
Paris H. Pray was selected as president, Hon. Dennison B. Smith will still act as secretary and J. E. Hill, of Waterville was elected treasurer. The executive committee selected for the ensuing year consists of C.C. Young, Henry county; Joel Foote, Wood county; W. M. Snook, Paulding county; Edwin Phelps, Defiance county and S. H. Cately, Fulton county. The committee on location named Defiance as the place for the meeting next year.
The following were the pioneers in attendance who registered, together with the date of their settlement in the Maumee valley, when given:
J. D. Morey, Napoleon, 1833
G. F. Relhen berger, Florida, 1810
Edwin Phelps, Defiance, 1834
John Lamphier, Liberty Center; Charles Hornung, New Bavaria; George Bowen, Liberty Center; Michael Conrolley, Colton; M. Goodman, Whitehouse; J. L. Pray, Whitehouse;
J. E. Hall, Waterville, 1836
Lake Erie Myers, Defiance
Brice Hilton, Defiance, 1822
L. Eastwood, Waterville, 1832
Frank J. Scott, Toledo, 1833
C. C. Young, Liberty Center, 1849
Joel Foote, Tontogony, 1829
Clark Waggoner, Toledo
D. B. Smith, Toledo, 1830
H. A. Brown, Hicksville, 1818
Y. Rakestraw, Whitehouse, 1832
J. H. Tayler, Napoleon, 1852
Jacob Saylor, Antwerp, 1833
W. N. Snook, Antwerp, 1826
P. H. Poulson, Colton, 1812
Lewis A. Bedkarz, Liberty Center, 1863 (?)
Aaron Engler, Colton, 1861
E. Penneck, Liberty Center, 1854
D. D. Gordon, Antwerp, 1855
P. P. Doering, Antwerp, 1847
T. A. Graves, Antwerp, 1839
Harrison Hudson, Liberty Center, 1811
Matilda H. Hill, Napoleon, 1842

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