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Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Defiance Democrat - January, 1880
Defiance Democrat - January 29, 1880, p. 3
About ten o’clock last Saturday night, a gang of young fellows entered Peter ZEIGLER’s saloon on Clinton street with the evident purpose of creating a disturbance. In the saloon at the time were several citizens, including Christian DIEHL, the brewer, and his brother, John DIEHL, hardware merchant. The youngsters commenced on C. Diehl and tried to provoke a row. Mr. Zeigler interfered and soon a general fight ensued. Zeigler put the boys out and they then commenced throwing stones and hot ? and beer glasses into the saloon. In the melee, John Diehl was struck in the face with some obstacle and was badly cut. His brother was struck with a glass. Mr. Zeigler was hit and likewise his wife was struck on one of the hands. One of the attacking party, a young KESSELMYER, was struck between the eyes with a stone.
Order was finally maintained and the next day nine youngsters…from 16 to 22 years were arrested and jailed. Today the preliminary trial was heard before Squire CATY. The result we did not learn at the time of going to press. The affair was a disgrace and it is a shame that such young chaps would gang together for lawless purposes. The majority of them are little boys who deserve a good spanking.
Defiance Democrat - February 5, 1880, p. 3
We presume our readers remember that upon the death a few years ago of the widow of Wm. GRAPER, she bequeathed all of her property to Peter WESTRICK, of this city. Mr. Westrick was not a relative or legator,a and the will was a surprise to relatives, and it was soon whispered that the will would be contested. Suit was commenced by a sister of the deceased some time since, but trial was never had until this term of court.
Last Friday the case came up for trial and a stubborn fight was commenced. The plaintiff endeavored to show that the deceased was insane at the time of the making of the will. The examination of witnesses for the plaintiff occupied all day Friday, Saturday and most of Monday. The defense commenced on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday morning. As Court resumed its session, it was noticed that one of the jurors, Mr. Jonas MILLER, a leading citizen of Milford township, was acting in a queer manner. He was bewildered, sick, and asked several persons where he was. It was evident that his mind was wandering. His Honor, Judge OWEN, took him aside and after a short conversation, was convinced that the juror was insane. The case was thereupon dismissed.
It was an abrupt termination of the case, and it was a startling episode in the case that while trying to discover whether Mrs. Graper was insane, one of the jurors should be attacked with the disease of insanity. Mr. Miller has not been well for some time, and it is probable that his physical condition and the close confinement of the courtroom caused the attack. It is indeed to be hoped that the trouble is only temporary. Mr. Miller was sent home on Tuesday in care of W. O. BARNEY of Milford township.
Defiance Democrat - February 12, 1880, p. 3
HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP – Mr. Thomas HOWARD of this township has buried three of his children within the last eighteen months. One son aged about 23 years, and two daughters, aged about 21 and 19 years of age, all of consumption.
The eighty-ninth birthday of Mr. Lewis J. WHEELER, the father of J. K. MYERS of Highland township, was celebrated at the residence of his daughter on the 8th of this month, by many friends and relatives. Among the many guests was the mother of N. A. BOUTELL of this township who will be 89 years old in March. These two old people are, perhaps, the oldest in this township.
Defiance Democrat - February 19, 1880
SAD AFFLICTION – On Sunday morning last, Mrs. Platt PIERCE, daughter of Mrs. L. E. MYERS, of this city, died at her residence in Cleveland. Ten days previous, her little daughter, Carrie, died of scarlet fever. The mother was dangerously sick at the time, the probability being strong that she would not recover. It was not deemed advisable to bury the daughter until Mrs. Pierce should change for the better or worse. As stated, she died on Sunday. The remains of mother and daughter were brought home to this place and were buried in Rural Cemetery yesterday.
Mrs. Pierce was an excellent lady and was cherished as a friend by everyone who knew her. The husband and relatives have the sincere sympathy of this community in the honor of their sad affliction.
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – The people of this vicinity met at the school house in Georgetown last Saturday evening for the purpose of forming a joint stock company to build a new cheese factory, which they have decided to do on the side of the old factory. Shares $25 each.
Christian VOLLMER, who has been visiting in Germany, returned home on 14th last. He brought several of his old neighbors to America with him. His health is much improved.
Defiance Democrat - February 26, 1880
AN OLD PIONEER GONE – Dead on Monday evening, February 23rd, 1880, Mrs. Nellie SKIVER, aged nearly 111 years. Mrs. Skiver has been a resident of Defiance county for over forty years, and was the mother of eight children, six of whom are now living. Although the old family record has been lost, it appears from great evidence gathered from herself and others, that she was born in Rockingham County, Va. on Easter Sunday, 1769; she was seven years old when the Declaration of Independence was made. She distinctly remembered many incidents of the Revolution, when it was an unbroken wilderness, and notwithstanding the many hardships of the pioneer life, has never known what it was to be sick. She lost the use of her eyes almost twenty years ago from a cataract; but otherwise has enjoyed the use of her faculties, her mind being clear to the day of her death. Her descendants, of whom there is a large number living, are residents of Defiance County. The funeral services were conducted at the home of Mr. Isaac SKIVER by Rev. B. W. SLAGLE.
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