Defiance County

Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Defiance Democrat - July, 1915

“Jewel Jottings"
Interesting Items Gathered From Little Hamlet on Wabash
J. H. FLORY, 7th son of Henry FLORY, Richland township, has been living on the old Luderman homestead in Adams township, during the last five years. He is interested in general farming and Percheron horses, having an American bred sire and an imported dame. The farm consists of 160 acres, with crop distribution as follows: Wheat -14 acres, corn- 30 acres, oats- 30 acres, grass- 20 acres, barley-3 acres. Mr. Flory was married Sept. 12th, 1903 to Phoebe C. LUDERMAN. The children are as follows: Maynard Leroy, Donald (deceased), Emma Lavina, Willis Daniel, Lowell Hollis, Emanuel, Irene. The Crescent-News is a regular visitor in this home and is enjoyed by all the family.
George FLORY of Richland township, second son of Henry Flory, is an esteemed member of the Democrat family. He was born Nov. 30th, 1863 (?) and was married Feb. 2d, 1890 to Catherine KELLE of Steinventen, Germany. They have three children, Charles, Caroline and George. Mr. Flory is engaged in general farming, this year caring for 25 acres of corn, 14 acres of oats and 14 acres of hay. Mrs. Flory was deceased Feb. 21, 1913.
George OTT, who is a tenant of the George GOCKEL farm, was born in Defiance, Feb. 8th, 1859. April 20th 1882, he was married to Mary KESTNER, daughter of Christopher KESTNER. To this union seven children were born, as follows: Harry, one mile north of Jewell; Louis, Henry county; Minnie BEYSINGER, Defiance; Anna ONSE (deceased), Florida; Florence BEALING, one mile east of Florida; Earl and Freda…
Mrs. Emaline HARDY, daughter of Elijah OSBORN, was born in Richland township, on what is now known as the George HAMMON place, October 4th, 1855. She was married Feb. 5th, 1873 to Andrew HARDY. To this union, nine children were born, as follows: Rosella MARKLE, Tiffin township; Carrie PARKER, Liberty Center; Lavilla FEENY, Jewell; Charles, Dunkirk; Marietta MARCKLE, Adams township; Cora ROEHRIG, Toledo; Bertha MAYHAN, Camina, Calif. (now visiting at home but expects to return west in the fall); Anna RATH, Jewell; Edna SEIPLE, Jewell. Mrs. Hardy has lived in her present farm home for twenty years, and has enjoyed the Crescent-News for about thirty years…This venerable lady’s hair is whitened by service and the exactions of widowhood, but for all that she seems to see the sunny side of life.
John DREXLER was born near Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 27th, 1861, and came to Richland township in 1863. His parents settling on the homestead he now occupies. He was married in 1889 to Katherine THIEROFF of Standley, who died in 1891 after the birth of their daughter, Florence. His second marriage occurred in 1894, to Anna THIEROFF. To this union five children were born, as follows: Augusta, Ellis, Emma, Meta , Cora. Mr. Drexler has done something in the way of public service, having served two terms as township assessor and as trustee. At present he is a member of the school board, the personnel of which is: Louis HAGY, Pres., Louis BEOHN, Sec’y; John DRESLER, L. H. GACKEL, Ed PATTEN, Charles DUERK. The township has ten public school buildings and the high school in Jewell. Mr. DREXLER has a sorghum mill on his farm and this year is cultivating about an acre and a half of sugar cane which will produce about 300 gallons and manufactured 1000 gallons for others. In the way of general farming, he is caring for thirty acres of corn, 22 acres of oats, meat enough for his own use, and 12 acres of clover and timothy. The Drexler home ismodern in the way of light and heat.
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