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Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

From the Defiance Democrat, June 2, 1881.

EVANSPORT – One of the Sprightly, Pleasant Villages of Defiance County
In 1831, John COY, Jacob COY, and John SNYDER entered considerable land in section three, Tiffin township, in what was then Williams county (now Defiance) and afterwards in 1834, laid out and located the town of Evansport. Two of the original owners of the village, Jacob Coy and John Snyder, are still living and enjoy good health. The other, John Coy, has been gathered to his Father.
The town of Evansport has always been a good trading point, though it has not grown to a large place, being cut off by railroads on the north and on the south. A more pleasant place is not to be found in this section and a finer surrounding tributary farming country lies not in the Maumee Valley. The Tiffin river runs through Evansport, affording excellent well power, and this same river meanders in all conceivable shapes through the rich farms and in its wandering course, measures forty miles from Evansport to Defiance, although by road the distance is only twelve miles.
The census of 1880 gave the village of Evansport 308 inhabitants.
The village of Evansport is not only a pretty place, but it is a good trading point and supports several large industries. The different business men, as we found them, during a brief sojourn last week, are as follows:
-Thomas YEAGER, general merchant, has a fine store room, conveniently arranged for business and has a good trade. He has been in business some time, and he has been successful.
-S. M. CAMERON has a general stock of dry goods, groceries, notions, drugs and delicacies. Business is brisk and he is a happy and contented storekeeper. The post office is located in his store, his brother, R. B. CAMERON being postmaster.
-Frederick SPEISER has a boot and shoe store and does much custom work besides. He finds plenty to do.
-O. BENNETT and Thomas SNYDER opened a new drug store last month, and are commencing trade satisfactorily to themselves. They have a neat store and it is well stocked.
-Amos SNYDER has an old established trade in the tin ware and hardware line, and is doing nicely. He has a large commodious room, has an excellent stock of goods and does a large business.
-The Village Hotel is kept by Frank GARBER, son of the old ex-treasurer, John A. GARBER, Esq. The house is well kept and is far above the average country hotels. Frank is energetic and hard working, and we are glad to say, is prospering.
-Samuel SNYDER has a harness shop, and is doing nicely. There is enough trade to keep him busy and he is contented.
-Jacob HALL attends to the undertaking business of the section.
-Mrs. J. HARTMAN has a millinery store and is a dressmaker. She has been in business many years and is prospering.
-Miss Jennie SNYDER also attends to the same business, is a neat worker and has a good trade.
-Miss Anna BOHRER is a dressmaker also. She has been in business about two years and is enjoying a good trade.
-Evansport has five physicians – Doctors H. H. RUSSELL, J. S. CAMERON, R. B. CAMERON, O. BENNETT, and M. O. COY. Dr. Russell is the veteran, having lived in that vicinity over half a century, and having practiced medicine fully thirty years. The physicians are all attentive to business and when there is sickness, each has his share.
-J. C. HALL is the barber of the town, and has also just opened a new restaurant.
-J. N. WATERS is a gun smith. He has been in Evansport many years and has fixed up the shooting apparatus for the whole surrounding community.
-In the manufacturing line, Evansport has several important industries, among which is the large grist mill of Daniel FRIBLEY. Evansport had its first grist mill forty years ago. Previous to that time, settlers used to go down the river in pirogues to Brunersburg and sometimes as far as Toledo with grist. The first mill in Evansport was put up by the original owners of the town. Afterward A. COY became the owner and ran the business many years. The old mill fell down a dozen years ago, and in 1870, Daniel FRIBLEY, Esq. located in Evansport and erected the large, fine mill that is now doing the bulk of the trade for that whole section. The mill has three run of stone, has the latest improved patent purifiers, new machinery throughout and filled up for first class work. The capacity of the mill is 150 bushels of wheat and 200 bushels of corn per day. Mr. Fribley is a practical miller and a thorough going businessman. In the business, he is ably assisted by his son, F. C. FRIBLEY.
-Adjoining the grist mill is a large saw mill, owned also by Mr. Fribley. The mill is mostly employed with custom sawing and is kept busy all the time. The mill yard is now full of logs.
-James KNOWLES is an excellent wagon maker and is kept busy all the time. His work is superior and is largely used in that section.
-There are two blacksmith shops in Evansport, one of which is owned by D. GARBER and John SPANGLER, and the other by S. R. HEATLEY. Both have all the work they can do, and both shops do first class work.
-Enoch MAPES has a brick yard and has plenty of business. The clay in his yard is of a good quality and his brick are of good color and durable.
-Cooperage is one of the principal industries of Evansport, there being no less than five shops in the place. The work made is almost exclusively pork barrels, the market being Chicago. Last year there were made in this village 7000 barrels which represents about $7000. This is an important industry and brings much foreign money to the neighborhood. The five firms engaged in cooperage in Evansport are: J. N. REPLOGLE, W. S. CAMERON, KINTIGH & PAXTON, W. P. REPLOGLE and F.G. & C.D. REPLOGLE.
-Thomas SNYDER is one of the Justices of the Peace in Tiffin township, and lives in the village. He dispenses justice in a highly creditable manner.
-Evansport has two good churches – The Methodist Episcopal and the United Brethren. Rev. FILLCOTT is pastor of the former church and Rev. BUTLER of the other.
-The Odd Fellows and Masons both have flourishing lodges in Evansport.
-An excellent cornet band is one of the features of the place, the members of which are Eddie WOODWARD, leader; John YEAGER, Charles ACKERMAN, Thomas SNYDER, William SNYDER, Adam ACKERMAN, B. W. JUSTICE, Solomon SOLLINGER, John REPLOGLE, Elmer CHRISTY, Frank FRIBLEY, and Willie SNYDER. The “boys” have just purchased elegant new uniforms, at an expense of $300.
-The village has a daily mail run, running from Stryker, five miles north, a station on the Air Line Road.
-Evansport is finely laid out and has some neat, pretty residences, the most pretentious of which is an elegant home just erected by Amos SNYDER. It is large and commodious and it is as fine a residence as there is in Defiance county.
-The people of Evansport are contented and prosperous, and the farmers in this section are thrifty and getting rich. The town is a steady going, reliable trading place, is a pleasant town in which to live and we know from several experiences that it is a pleasant place to visit. We close by wishing all its people an abundant success, and the fullest measure of enjoyment.

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