Defiance County

Excerpts from The Defiance Democrat Newspaper

Defiance Democrat - March, 1880

Defiance Democrat - Thursday, March 18, 1880

On Tuesday morning Alex BRUNER, the butcher, started for his slaughter house south of town. When passing the cemetery, he discovered a wagon upset in the mud by the side of the road and a horse was floundering in the mud and water. Mr. Bruner proceeded to investigate the matter and was horrified to discover a man’s head protruding from under the wagon box. The fellow was faintly calling for help. As speedily as possible, Mr. Bruner righted the wagon box and there found Jacob DAVIS, Esq., of Richland township, not injured, but chilled through from exposure. It appears that sometime during the night, Mr. Davis started to go to his mother’s farm (the old Smith MEAD place) and it is supposed that in passing Coe Run, his wagon ran off the bank and rolled down. Mr. Davis was caught in the wreck in such a manner as to prevent his escape and he was obliged to remain all night, stuck in the mud.
On the 1st of May the Democrat will remove to Clinton Street and will occupy the fine store room in J. S. HALLER’S building nearly opposite the Court House. In addition to the main room on the first floor, two rooms on the second story will also be used. The Democrat will not only be well located in its new quarters, but will also have he opportunity to “spread out” as occasion may require, and the demands of the growing city of Defiance may necessitate. New machinery has been purchased which will not be brought into use until the removal takes place.
In this connection we state that the Democrat office has been located in its present quarters since 1854 – twenty six years. Previous to that time it was published in the second story of the building on Clinton Street now owned by Peter WESTRICK. Judge GREENE published the paper in that place for six years, and in 1854 erected the present Democrat building. The paper has always been in the front rank of journalism in this section, and we shall endeavor to keep it there.
Scalded to death, Wednesday, the 4th instant, Otto WELKER, son of David and Matilda Welker. Aged 4 years, 10 months, 6 days, at the time of the accident. The parents were at the barn doing chores, and the little fellow thought he would take a drink from the tea kettle spout (which we understand he had been in the habit of doing when the water was cold). The water at the time, however, was boiling and scalded him inwardly. He lived about six hours in terrible agony.
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