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Ohio Units at the End of the Civil War

Although men in the Civil War belonged to other units, the following were noted in the History of Defiance County 1883 as the major units formed from Northwestern Ohio.  Following each unit is a listing of the enlisted and officers of each company.  Using the main Ohio Volunteer Infantry units listed—14th, 21st, 38th, 48th, 83rd, 68th, 100th, 107th,  and the 111th— I have extracted where the units were from April 1865 to the end of the war along with significant events of that time.  This information came from the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal Volume VI Number 3 202 produced by the Ohio Genealogy Society.

Date Significant Event
2 April 1865 Confederate government evacuated Richmond, VA
2 April 1865 Siege of Fort Blakely, AL – 48th and 83rd
8 April 1865  Appomattox, VA Surrender of The Army of the Northern VA at Appomattox Court House
9 April 1865 Fort Blakely AL: 48th and 83rd
10 April 1865 Advance on Raleigh, NC: 14th, 21st, 38th, 68th, 100th, 111th
11 April 1865 Mobile, AL evacuated by Confederates
12 April 1865 Mobile, AL surrendered: 48th, 83rd
13 April 1865 Raleigh, NC cccupied by Sherman: 100th
14 April 1865 Lincoln assassinated at Ford’s Theater
14 April 1865 Raleigh, NC occupied by 14th, 21st
18 April 1865 Sherman (Union) and Johnston (Confederate) met at Durham Station, NC
18 April 1865 Fighting in NC and VA ended
19 April 1865 Lincoln’s funeral train begins its journey to Springfield, IL
20 April 1865 Macon, GA occupied
21 April1865 Mosby’s raiders (Confederate) were disbanded
26 April 1865 Bennett’s House: 14th, 21st, 38th,68th, 100th,  111th
26 April1865 John Wilkes Booth captured and died
26 April1865 Johnston surrendered at Durham Station, NC: 14th, 21st, 38th, 68th, 100th, 111th
29 April 1865 Beginning of March to Washington, DC: 14th, 21st, 38th, 68th
2 May 1865 Jefferson Davis in Abbeville, SC-- $100,000 offered for his arrest
3 May 1865 Lincoln’s body arrives in Springfield, IL—buried May 4th
10 May1865 Davis captured near Irwinville, GA
10 May1865 Jones (Conf.) surrenders in FL; Quantrill, (Conf.) guerrilla leader in MO, fatally shot near Taylorsville, KY
12 May1865 Last major land fight at Palmito Ranch near Rio Grande, TX
13 May1865 Smith (Conf.) to be arrested is he surrenders by Conf. governors of AR, LA, MO
17 May1865 Sheridan assigned to command west of the Mississippi River
22 May1865 Davis imprisoned at Fort Monroe, VA
24 May 1865 Grand Review of Sherman’s Army in Washington, DC: 38th, 68th
25 May1865 Confederates evacuate Sabine Pass, TX
27 May1865 Most people in prison were ordered freed by President Johnson
29 May1865 Pres. Johnson granted amnesty and pardon to all who participated in the “rebellion.”  Property rights restored except to slaves. Operations against guerillas began in TX
2 June 1865   Smith (Conf.) accepted terms of surrender at Galveston, TX
12 June  1865 38th Moved to Louisville, KY
13 June 1865 48th and 83rd moved to Galveston, TX
15 June 1865 14th to Louisville, KY
20 June  1865 100th mustered out at Greensboro, NC
1 July 1865 100th discharged at Cleveland, OH
7 July 1865 Lincoln conspirators’ execution
11 July 1865  14th mustered out
12 July1865 38th mustered out at Louisville, KY
24 July1865 48th OH Battalion formed by consolidating 48th, 83rd, and 114th
24 July1865 Part of 83rd mustered out; some recruits transferred to the 48th OH Bat.
25 July1865 21st mustered out at Louisville, KY
10 Aug 1865   83rd discharged at Camp Dennison, OH
11 Nov. 1865   Capt. Henry Wirz (Conf.) commander at Andersonville Prison hung
2 April 1866  Insurrection ended in GA, SC, VA, NC, TN, LA, AR, MS, FL by declaration
9 May 1866  48th OH Battalion Inf. Mustered out in Galveston, TX
20 Aug. 1866 Insurrection in TX officially ended

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