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War of 1812 Bicentennial Book Available

The Defiance County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society is preparing for the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 as it pertains to Defiance County, Ohio.  They recently printed a booklet titled: “Campaigns of the Army of the Northwest 1812–1813, A Brief History & Tour Guide for 2012–2013 Bicentennial War of 1812”.   It is hoped that this booklet will tell the story of Defiance County’s role in the War of 1812 and honor those men who volunteered to serve in the Militias/Armies of the states of Ohio and Kentucky during the War of 1812 against the British and their Indian Allies. 

The booklet contains maps of routes taken during the various campaigns. On the reverse side of each map are the current day highways that can be driven to trace the War of 1812 routes traveled by the soldiers.  There are numerous War of 1812 sites within Defiance County, many unmarked.  Only a few historians are aware of theses sites and their contributions to the victory of the USA over the Indians and their British Allies.  This War of 1812 bicentennial booklet shares much of the little known information. 

The money raised by the sale of the book will be used to fund historical markers to be placed within Defiance County.  The Society has chosen three sites at which to place historical markers.  The markers will honor those soldiers that gave their lives in service to the United States of America during that period. 

The first historical marker was dedicated October 25, 2008. It honors Johnny Logan, Indian Scout.  Johnny Logan was the only Indian to be buried with full military honors during the War of 1812 in the State of Ohio.  This marker is on the grounds of Fort Defiance located just east of the Defiance Public Library.

The second marker will be placed in Delaware Township and will honor Ensign James Liggett and his group of four soldiers. They were killed while on a scouting mission for General James Winchester.  Most of the actual combat of the War of 1812 within Defiance County took place within the present boundaries of Delaware Township. 

The third marker will honor soldiers that died at Winchester’s Camp #3. Their gravesite was discovered during the construction of the Miami & Erie Canal in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s. The Militia soldiers came to Camp #3 on the first of November 1812 and did not leave the camp until January 1, 1813. There maybe literally hundreds of soldiers buried in unmarked graves within Defiance County. This marker will be placed at Independence Dam State Park.

It is the intent of the Defiance County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, along with the Defiance County Veterans Office, to honor the War of 1812 Veterans.  It is hoped the information shared in the booklet will help the residents of Defiance County and others understand Defiance County’s involvement in the War of 1812. 

The cost of the booklet is $10.00.  It is available by mail from the D.C.G.S, P.O. Box 7006, Defiance, OH 43512 or can be purchased at the Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau, 301 Clinton Street, Defiance, OH.  The $10.00 fee is considered a donation to the marker project.  S & H is included in the price if purchased by mail.   Donations from the community are welcomed.  For more information about the historic marker project or the book, please call 419-784-5730. Or visit this free website: <> Click on the War of 1812 parts 1, 2, & 3

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