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 Glass Negatives from the Center for Archival Collections BGSU

The pictures on this page are from a collection of glass negative plates from Dr. Allen Hilbert.  Most of them are of school classes from various places in Defiance County.  If you can identify anyone. please let us know.

Crane School, Section 13, Tiffin Township. Wade Stevens, teacher

Dutch School, Hicksville Township. R.H. Hagy, teacher

Kiser School, Section 32, Defiance Township. Ruth Wilhelm, teacher

Ayersville Primary, Section 17, Highland Township. Jeanette Schindler, teacher

Brunersburg School, Noble Township. Miss Percy, teacher

Mock School, Section 4, Delaware Township. Blanche Bradshaw, teacher

Fair School,Delaware Township. Frances Bradshaw, teacher

Ayersville H.S., Section 17, Highland Township.

Ayersville Intermediate School, Section 17, Highland Township.

Gurwell School, Section 28, Tiffin Township. John Guilinger, teacher

Bok School, Section 26, Delaware Township. Millie Haynes, teacher

Dickey School, Section 24, Mark Township. Fern Wagner, teacher

Fulmer School, Section 5, Highland Township. Orra Smith, teacher

Rohlf School, Defiance Township. Mabelle Greiser, teacher

Banner School, Section 30, Tiffin Township. M.E. Worley, teacher

Cheney School, Section 19, Richland Township. Zephr Donley, teacher

Wonderly School, Section 6, Mark Township. Anna Dunson, teacher

Sherry School, Section 6, Defiance Township. Eva Nestleroad, teacher

Garman School, Section 10, Defiance Township. Elsie Sauber, teacher

Philips School. Henry Schilt, teacher

District 5 School, Section 16, Mark Township. Wanda Wheeler, teacher

Brunersburg School, Noble Township. Miss Schlosser, teacher

Dutch Street School, Section 14, Hicksville Township. Ethel Fry, teacher

Skiver School, Section 17, Highland Township. Mabel Smith, teacher

Shellenbarger School, Section 1 or 11, Delaware Township. Grace Good, teacher

Clede Kyle, Photographer & owner of Peerless Art Company

Peerless Art Crew

Hicksville Tabernacle

Tile Mill, Hicksville

Machine Shop, Hicksville @ current Shell Station

Slattery Gas Station, Hicksville




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