Defiance County

Cemeteries of Defiance County


Cemetery Name Township Sec. Description/Address Owner Photos
Battenburg Catholic Adams 22 Northwest Corner of Adams Ridge Rd. and Coressel Rd.    
Bethlehem Lutheran Adams 11 East side of Adams Ridge Rd at Youngman Rd.    
Chase (Domersville) Adams 19 West side of Domersville Rd. just South of Coressel Rd.    
Metz-Tittle Adams 27 East side of Independence Rd North of Behrens Rd.    
Okolona Bethlehem Lutheran Adams 24 At Gerken Rd. and Henry County Line    
Poplar Ridge Adams 28 East side of Adams Ridge Rd. just North of Banner School Rd.    
St. Mark's Lutheran Adams 7 South side of Nagel Rd. and West of Domersville Rd.    
St. Michael's Catholic Adams 29 W. side of Moser Rd. just north of Behrens Rd.    
Unnamed Plot Adams   on a farm at corner of Domersville and Banner School Rds    
Auglaize Village Defiance 31 West side of Krouse Rd. 1 mile South of US 24 County  
Cromley Defiance 8 South side of St. Rt. 111, South of Singer Rd., 4.5 miles Southwest of Defiance Township  
Fort Defiance Defiance City near Junction of Washington and Fort St. Abandoned  
Foster Defiance 2 in a field South side of Carter Rd. 1/4 mile West of St. Rt. 66    
Frazee Defiance City South off Rt. 66 West of Ginter Rd. on Chippewa Dr. City  
Kahlo (Gnadensburg) Defiance City on East bank of Auglaize River, West side of Summit St., South of Hopkins St. City  
McCollister Defiance 3 was on bank of Auglaize River, north from end Garman and Wilhelm Rd. Abandoned  
Presbyterian Defiance City at 501 Washington Ave. at Presbyterian Church Abandoned  
Riek-Tuttle Defiance 30 North side of US 24 between Krouse and Ashwood Rds.    
Riverside - New Defiance City South side of St. Rt. 111 (S. Clinton St.) City  
Riverside - Old Defiance City South side of St. Rt. 111 (S. Clinton St.) City  
St. John's Catholic Defiance City was on South bank of Maumee River, Baltimore St. in old Zeller's Parking Lot and Municipal Water Works Abandoned  
Taylor Defiance 11 West side of St. Rt. 66 bewteen Watson and Bowman Rds. Township  
Blair Delaware 29/32 back a lane off Blair Rd. 1/2 mile East of US 127    
Blue Delaware 22 on Jacobs Rd., follow lane at end of the road, on West side    
Hill Delaware 25 back a lane off Tittle Rd. on East side of Rd.    
Hughes - Glore - Goldberg Delaware 33 back a lane North of US 24, opposite Gier Rd. Township  
Moats Delaware 4 North side of Mud Creek Rd. 1/4 mile West of The Bend Rd.    
Old Cemetery Delaware 32 on J. Platter farm just West of Gior Rd. South side of St. Rt. 24 listed in 1866 plat map    
Sherwood Delaware 20 East side of US 127 in Sherwood, next to the school  
Shirley Delaware 27 located on a farm East of The Bend Rd.    
St. Stephen's Catholic - New Delaware 22 Corner of intersection of Bend Rd. and Speaker Rd.    
St. Stephen's Catholic - Old Delaware 26 At corner of US 24 and Limbaugh Rd.    
Farmer Farmer 16 West side of Cemetery Rd., about 1/2 mile North of St. Rt. 2 and 249    
Kemp (Kent) Farmer 19 back a lane from Seevers Rd. 1/2 mile West of St. Rt. 2    
Lost Creek Farmer 29 at Northeast corner of Blosser Rd. and St. Rt. 2    
Upper Lost Creek (Old Presbyterian) Farmer 18 North side of St. Rt. 249 between Ridenour and Rosedale Rds.    
Hicksville Village Hicksville Village was at corner of E. High St. and B and O RR in Hicksville Abandoned  
New Forest Home Hicksville 17 North side of St. Rt. 18 on Northwest edge of Hicksville Village limits    
Old Forest Home Hicksville 17 South side of St. Rt. 18 on Northwest edge of Hicksville Village limits  
Six Corners Hicksville 11 South side of St. Rt. 2 between Cicero and Lake Rds.  
Ayersville Highland 4 West side of Fruit Ridge Rd. at the intersection of Shindler Rd.    
Hale-Wellman Highland 17 back in field West of Fullmer Rd, South of Bowman Rd 1/3 mile Abandoned  
Hill Highland 10 North side of Bowman Rd. just East of Hill Rd.    
Hoetzel - Moon (Highland Twp) Highland 20 East of St. Rt. 15 on Porter Rd., across a field    
Mansfield Highland 29 East side of Schubert Rd., .3 miles South of St. Rt. 15 Private  
Myers Highland 18 East side of St. Rt. 15 between Blanchard and Bowman Rds.    
Sandford Highland 19 East side of St. Rt. 15 about 1/4 mile South of Porter Rd., behind the house Abandoned  
St. Stephen's Lutheran - New Highland 12 West side of New Bavaria Rd. South of Schatz Rd    
St. Stephen's Lutheran - Old Highland 2 North side of Steinmaier Rd and West of New Bavaria Rd.    
Worthington (a colored cemetery) Highland 7 probably in the Southeast 1/4 of Sec 7 on Bowman Rd., East of St. Rt. 15 Abandoned  
Colby Mark 35 North side of Defiance-Paulding Co. Line Rd. West of Openlander Rd.  
Spindler Mark 31 West side of Breininger Rd, .3 miles South of Jericho Rd.  
St. John's Lutheran Mark 14 West side of Openlander Rd. near Lockwood Rd. intersection    
Tamarack Milford 12 South side of Scott Rd, 300 feet East of Cicero Rd.    
Poorman Milford 1 West side of Rosedale Rd. 1/2 mile North of Scott Rd. Abandoned  
Old Cemetery Milford 5 on J Green Farm listed in 1866 plat map Abondoned  
Zion Lutheran Milford 1 East side of Cicero Rd., and Williams-Defiance County Line Rd.    
Brunersburg Noble 15 West side of Christy Rd.; .2 miles North of St. Rt. 15/18 intersection Township  
Defiance Co. Home Pauper's Noble 5 down a lane on the West side of Evansport Rd. near Schick Rd.    
Webb (Noble and Tiffin) Noble 4 on bank of the Tiffin River at the end of Kencig Rd., .1 mile West of Stever Rd.
Hire Richland 28 West side of Kepler Rd., .2 miles South of St. Rt. 281 East of Defiance Township  
Hohenberger Richland 27 back a lane on the West side of Harris Rd.; .2 miles North of Standley Rd.    
Huse Richland 24 East side of Weichman Rd., .2 miles North of St. Rt. 281    
Independence Richland 16 At corner of St Rt 424 and Adams Ridge Rd.    
Peter Richland 2 back a lane off Jewell Rd. between Egler and Hammon Rd.    
Riverview Memory Gardens Richland 23 On St. Rt. 424 at Overly Rd.    
Rohn Richland 23 back a lane from St. Rt. 424 between Young and Overly Rds.    
Stykeman-Minsel Richland 16 North side of St Rt 424, on Shock farm, .5 mile East of Adams Ridge Rd.    
Clinker Tiffin 31 South side of St. Rt. 15 between Schick Rd. and Trinity Rd., abt. 1 mile West of Def. Co. Airport    
Defiance Co. Children's Home Tiffin 32 North side of Schick Rd West of Evansport Rd. County  
Evansport - New Tiffin 10 West side of Evansport Rd., North of Rethmel Rd. Township  
Evansport - Old Tiffin 10 East side of Evansport Rd., North of Rethmel Rd. Township  
Kibble Tiffin 29 E. side of Trinity Rd. 1/4 mile North of Blosser Rd.    
Marysdale Catholic - Old Tiffin 31 East side of Glenburg Rd. South of State Route 15 Religious  
McCauley Tiffin 20 West side of Evansport Rd. at Kammeyer Rd.    
St. John's Methodist - New Tiffin 15 South side of Gruber Rd., East of Stever Rd.    
St. John's Methodist - Old Tiffin 15 North side of Gruber Rd., East of Stever Rd.    
Bostater Washington 14 North side of Bostater Rd. on Bostater Family farm - moved 1944 Abandoned  
Doll Washington 22 West side of Mulligan's Bluff Rd. 1/4 mile South of Bostater Rd.    
Doud Washington 22 on bank of Lick Creek, 1/4 mile from Bostater Rd., Doud family farm    
Emanuel - Trinity - Lutheran Washington 9 West side of St. Rt. 15, just north of Beerbower Rd.; 1.5 miles North of Ney    
Funk - Mock Washington 33 On Bradshaw Rd. West of The Bend Rd., 2.5 miles South of Ney    
Hart Washington 22 Corner of the Bend Rd. and Bostater Rd. behind the old Ney school    
Lintz Washington 20 South side Vollmer Rd, East of Coy Rd    
Marysdale Catholic - New Washington 36 West side of Glenburg Rd South of State Route 15 Religious  
Ney Washington 16 North side of Doud Rd East of St Rt 15 Township  

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