Defiance County

First Families of Defiance County


If you can prove your direct ancestor was here before January of 1846 you can join as a Pioneer member.

If you can prove your direct ancestor was here 1846 - December 1860 you can join as a Settler member.

To prove your lineage to your early ancestors use non-certified copies of:

There is an application fee of $15.00 which covers as many ancestors as you can prove and your membership pin. You MUST be a member of the Defiance County Genealogical Society. Membership fee may be paid at the same time as your application fee. The cut-off date is August 1st. of the year in which you are applying.

All correspondence and fees should be sent to the chapter's mailing address P. O. Box 7006 Defiance, OH 43512-7006. Applications should be made out to Defiance County Genealogical Society or DCGS.

Click here to begin the First Families application process.



Last Modified on January 14, 2010

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