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Defiance County Military Items of Interest

1812 Reenactors We are currently in the process of moving military information from our old web site to this new one. As a consequence, things will be a little chaotic for a little while yet. We ask your patience as we perform this task.

Current documents available are (in no particular order):

World War I

  1. Soldiers of the World War - Defiance County, Ohio (Searchable PDF)
  2. Advertisements in Soldiers of the World War

War of 1812

  1. War of 1812 Bicentennial Book Available 
  2. War of 1812 - The Story of Johnny Logan
  3. Kentucky and Ohio Soldiers who died in service to our country in Defiance County in the War of 1812
  4. Tale of Ensign Liggett
  5. Fort Winchester, Defiance, Ohio, War of 1812
  6. Winchester Camp No. 3 - Fort Starvation
  7. Governor Signs Buehrer Bill to Create War of 1812 Commission
  8. War of 1812 Survey
  9. War of 1812 Service Records

Mexican War 1845-1848

  1. Fifteenth Regiment US Infantry Co B (Mexican War 1847-1848)

Civil War

  1. GAR Posts in Defiance County
  2. History of the GAR in Defiance County
  3. Preservation of Defiance American Legion Civil War Records
  4. Military Record of Defiance County in the Civil War
  5. Ohio Units at the End of the Civil War

Defiance County Veterans Historical Project

Committee Chair Richard Rozevink, - This committee will collect all data on veterans that were born in, served from, or died from Defiance County. This information will be placed in the Ohioana room at the Defiance Public Library.

NOTE! Dec. 2002 - The Veterans Historical Database is now on the Defiance Public Library website and can be found here:

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