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January - December 2004

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Kelley Sheets, kelleysheets@yahoo.com, Jan. 12, 2004 - PURKEY

My name is Kelley Sheets and I've been trying to locate information on Mary A. Purkey whom passed away 7/27/1898 aged 69 yrs, and D.W. Purkey whom passed away 8/16/1878? aged 49 yrs.  I have located their burial site "Defiance County Ohio - Old St. John Methodist Cemetery" - both of the above are in Row 11.    I've been trying to trace back my family tree and am at stand still on D.W. Purkey's parents.

Dave Minson, drminson@cox.net, Jan. 16, 2004

I am tracing the Amos Callender/Eliza Brookens family of Hicksville, Defiance Co Ohio (The family moved from Holmes Co. Ohio in about 1850).
I'm also tracing the Woodcox family.  Martha Ann Callender md. George Washington Woodcox in Defiance, Defiance Co. Ohio in 1871.  I'd like to contact the above members reference to exchange information on these families if that would be possible.

Carole Tucker, wctu@actcom.net, Jan. 22, 2004 - FISH, MILLER, MEEK, SMITH, KINCAID

I am looking for help on the family of Gabriel Fish who married Martha Miller on the 27 of November of 1860 in Defiance County, Ohio.    It says Gabriel and Martha were born in Ohio.   Their children were Alda, Carlton(Carlos), Orpha  and Anna.  Alda married Ulysses Sydney Grant Meek(where), Carlton did not have children so maybe he didn't marry.  Then Orpha  married a Mr. Smith, and Anna married James Kincaid and then a Gilbert. Alda and U S Grant Meek moved to Banner County, Nebraska.  I think Orpha and Anna both stayed in Defiance County.  I don't know about Carlton. Who were the parents of Gabriel and Martha (Miller) Fish.  We don't know which county Gabriel or Martha were born in. They both died in Defiance County.  Gabriel in 1908 and Martha in 1928.

Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs, slrohrs@mchsi.com, Jan. 24, 2004 - ROHRS, YALE

I am looking for information about Herman Henry Rohrs, his parents, and siblings who lived in Defiance, Ohio.  The parents came from Hanover, Germany, I think.  He married Laurana C. Yale.  They lived in Independence, Missouri, and had 10 children: Ralph Walter Rohrs b. 1892, Henry Albert Rohrs b. 1894, Charles Wesley Rohrs b. 1895, Laura Ruth Rohrs b. 1897, Mary Etta Rohrs b. 1899, George Leroy Rohrs b. 1902, Alice Elizabeth Rohrs b. 1904, Ruby May Rohrs b. 1906, Thomas Taff Rohrs b. 1908, and Frank E. Rohrs b. 1910.

Kimberlee Stone, bretkimstone@msn.com, Jan. 29, 2004 - ROE, LINGLE, GRINER

I am currently searching for information regarding my great great grandparents.  Their names are Edward D. Roe and Elizabeth Lingle Roe.  My great grandmother, Elizabeth Kathryn Roe was born in Hicksville 13 Mar, 1861 and married William Theopolis Griner.  Elizabeth died in Six Corners, I don't believe it exists anymore, on 13 Mar 1913.The information I have on Edward D. Roe is that he died 20 Sept 1912 in Six Corners.

Connie Coy Rice, c2rice@sbcglobal.net, Feb. 1, 2004 - COY

I  thought I would send more info that might be of interest to both Defiance & Williams Co. researchers. Since my COYS Pioneered in 1831-on land that was Williams Co. (Springfield Twp.)and then later the line split taking alot of their land into Tiffin Twp. Defiance Co. by 1845. Anyhow, I have worked with many local families from both Counties,and many surname families. I feel the attachments I am going to send may be of interest to both Websites,and many families lived in both counties as mine did. So it is really hard to only submit them to one or the other,they really need to be on both.

I am enclosing a Descendant Sheet per child of John Coy b.1783/Mary Polly Jones b.1787-they had 8 children that moved with spouses to Williams/Defiance Tiffin River in 1831. Only one never had children .I also belong to both Historical Society's and have signed & submitted the form to send in the 5 generation charts, so I just wanted to make sure you knew that was on file already.

 (NOTE: Many COY charts were submitted by Connie check them out on the Descendants chart list.) Go to descendant charts list

Barb, Swinfield9@aol.com, Feb 15, 2004 - GRUBB

Is anyone working on the family of ALBERT AND BARBARA GRUBB on the 1910 census in Defiance Co?

Jim Rigel, Handy4563@gmail,com, June 29, 2008 - RIGEL, STOOGY

I live in Williams, Oregon, and trying to find more about my RIGEL family's past.  I have a few documents that were sent to me from Defiance County records.  These documents show a Jeremiah Rigel born in Tuscawarus County, married Barbara Stoody, moved to Defiance County.  There he had 3 sons Issac, Jacob, and Jeremiah who according to these documents a buried at the Forest Home Cemetery near where they lived in Hicksville.  My Great Grandfather is Jeremiah Rigel and he moved from that area to Iowa.  However he must have remarried if he is the same person and had another family started in Ohio and more children born in Iowa including my Grandfather.  I am looking for any descendants or information that could help me on this.  If you know any Rigels there or know where I could find more would you let me know?

Carole Tucker, wctu@actcom.net, Feb. 22, 2004 - FISH

I am wanting to hear from anyone that can help me with the FISH line that was in Defiance County, Ohio. Gabriel Fish born in 1836 and died in 1908 in Defiance County.  He was married to Martha Miller in 1860 in the same county. Their children were  Alberta, Orpha, Alda Margaret, Carlton and Anna. Alberta apparently died young.  Orpha married Albert Smith and lived in Defiance County.  They had son Paul F who died as a child, Sidney Fletcher who died at 22, Wayne who died in 1989, Walter C (death unknown), Martha who married a Wineland,  Alta who married a Greist, and Carl L who died in 1969. Alda married Ulysses Sydney Grant Meek and they moved to Banner County, in western Nebraska.  They died in 1934.Carlton never married and we don't know when he died. Anna married James W Kincaid; later she married George Gilbert, and finally she married ______Edding/Eding.  She died in San Diego, California in 1969 Anna and James Kincaid had James and Nellie.  Nellie married a Russ Engler, and they lived in Calirornia. We don't know parents of Gabriel Fish. Martha Miller Fish's father was John Miller. If anyone can help me with this family, please contact me.

Casey J. Haas, seahaas@cwnet.com, Feb. 25, 2004 - KNIPE, GUTZWEILER

Can anyone please tell me the name and address of the old Methodist church that was in existance in the late 1800s in Noble Township?   I am trying to locate the christening records of the KNIPE family.   Caleb KNIPE & Mary GUTZWEILER had six children born between 1885 & 1897 in Noble Township.   Not one of their birth records was recorded in the Defiance County record of births.   They were Methodists, so I thought I might find their births registered in the church books.   Any help would certainly be appreciated.  

Bonnie Clemons, bc100608@alltel.net, March 5, 2004 - SOLLENBERGER, SNYDER

Am looking for George Sollenberger, b. February 16, 1814 in Lancaster, PA who settled in Defiance County with his wife, Caroline L. Snyder who was born approx. 1825 in PA.  I cannot find records of George or Caroline's parents.

Melissa Robinson, chery1474@aol.com, CARPENTER, RUMMEL

I am looking for Information on My Great Grandmother Elva  CARPENTER Born In Defiance,Ohio abt 1877 . Need Parents, siblings, she Married Henry RUMMEL   Need Marriage Date and His Parents Names and family Info.

Annie Pastorius, apastorius@houston.rr.com, March 23, 2004 - EHRAT

I am looking for information on my great grandfather Gotfried Ehrat who resided in Defiance. I am trying to find his obituary his birth and death are Nov 11, 1859 to June 7, 1934. 

Denise Hayward, denisedelfina@mchsi.com, March 24, 2004 - WALLACE, etc.

I have searched the web until I am blue in the face. Can you please help me figure out what cemetery I want to visit.  Descendants of Noah Wallace

Generation No. 1
        1.  Noah Wallace was born January 24, 1813 in DE, and died August 13, 1895 in Madison, Williams, OH.  He married Sophia Bowser Abt. 1833 in Maryland. She was born 1816 in MD, and died Aft. 1895 in Williams, OH.
Children of Noah Wallace and Sophia Bowser are:
        2       i.      Eve Ann Wallace, born February 03, 1834 in MD; died April 08, 1861 in OH.  She married Henry Copeland January 12, 1860 in Williams, OH; born Abt. 1821 in England.
        3       ii.     Mary Ann Wallace, born Abt. 1836 in MD.  She married William Elisha Judd November 01, 1860 in Williams, OH; born Abt. 1840.
+       4       iii.    George Washington Wallace, born February 1840 in OH.
+       5       iv.     Ruth A. Wallace, born May 19, 1842 in Richland, OH; died February 12, 1892 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.
+       6       v.      William B. Wallace, born September 12, 1844 in Olivesburg, Richland, OH; died July 23, 1922 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.
+       7       vi.     Elizabeth Susan Wallace, born May 03, 1847 in Richland, OH; died January 30, 1933 in Madison, Williams, OH.
+       8       vii.    Noah A. Wallace, born October 1849 in OH; died June 11, 1929 in MI.
+       9       viii.   Isaac W. Wallace, born December 1852 in OH; died 1902 in Williams, OH.
+       10      ix.     John H. Wallace, born March 1854 in OH; died in MI.
        11      x.      Sarah Jane Wallace, born November 13, 1856 in OH; died March 07, 1885 in OH.
+       12      xi.     George C. Wallace, born April 1863 in OH.

Generation No. 2
        4.  George Washington Wallace was born February 1840 in OH.  He married Elizabeth.  She was born Abt. 1837 in OH.
Children of George Wallace and Elizabeth are:
        13      i.      Mary A. Wallace, born Abt. 1861 in OH.
        14      ii.     Sophia Ella Wallace, born Abt. 1865 in OH.
        15      iii.    Albert E. Wallace, born Abt. 1867 in OH.
        16      iv.     William F. Wallace, born Abt. 1869 in OH.
        17      v.      Leander W. Wallace, born Abt. 1872 in OH.
        18      vi.     Pliny H. Wallace, born Abt. 1875 in OH.
        19      vii.    John W. Wallace, born Abt. 1879 in OH.
        5.  Ruth A. Wallace was born May 19, 1842 in Richland, OH, and died February 12, 1892 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.  She married William H. Shelhart August 22, 1861 in Williams, OH, son of Christian Shelhart and Elizabeth Cook.  He was born August 22, 1841 in Richland, OH, and died March 28, 1914
in Pioneer, Williams, OH.
Children of Ruth Wallace and William Shelhart are:
        20      i.      William W. Shelhart, born June 02, 1862 in OH; died June 15, 1886. He married Sirena B. Barnhart April 23, 1883 in Williams, OH; born Abt. 1864 in OH.
        21      ii.     Mary E. Shelhart, born April 16, 1864 in OH; died August 29, 1864 in OH.
        22      iii.    Sophia D. Shelhart, born January 12, 1866 in OH; died December 02, 1936.  She married William B. Ferris Abt. 1893; born October 1864 in OH; died May 09, 1941.
        23      iv.     Mary Eda Shelhart, born April 16, 1869 in OH; died October 06, 1935 in Williams, OH.  She married George H. Repp Abt. 1890; born March 1864 in OH; died April 03, 1946.
        24      v.      Jennie Estella Shelhart, born August 02, 1873 in OH; died July 08, 1891.  She married Harvey H. Eagle; born Abt. 1872 in OH.
        25      vi.     Jesse O. Shelhart, born February 08, 1881 in OH; died January 22, 1933.  He married Eva; born Abt. 1884 in IA.
        6.  William B. Wallace was born September 12, 1844 in Olivesburg, Richland, OH, and died July 23, 1922 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.  He married (1) Livona Page December 08, 1867 in Fulton, OH, daughter of Isaac Page and Asenath. She was born September 1848 in NY, and died August 18, 1886 in Madison, Williams, OH.  He married (2) Maud D. Kirk November 25, 1888 in Williams, OH.  She was born December 22, 1869 in OH, and died December 22, 1909 in Williams, OH.  He married (3) Anna Bloom 1910.
Children of William Wallace and Livona Page are:
        26               i.     Willard Melvin Wallace, born May 09, 1868 in Fulton, OH; died April 08, 1937 in Montpelier, Williams, OH. He married (1) Elsie. He married (2) Ora Dell Snyder March 13, 1892 in Williams, OH, daughter of Thomas Snyder and Maria Laughlin.  She was born January 15, 1876 in Camden, Hillsdale, MI, and died May 14, 1904 in Millcreek, Williams, OH.  He married (3) Alice Nora Beucler 1907.  She was born Abt. 1875 in OH.
        27      ii.     Marion I. Wallace, born March 1871 in Williams, OH; died September 07, 1917 in Williams, OH.  He married Cula M. Saunders November 17, 1897 in Williams, OH; born June 1873 in OH; died June 04, 1935 in Williams, OH.
        28      iii.    Albert I. Wallace, born June 1874 in Williams, OH.
        29      iv.     Elsworth O. Wallace, born 1879 in Williams, OH; died Bef. 1900.
        30      v.      Howard E. Wallace, born April 1882 in OH; died September 08, 1882 in OH.
Children of William Wallace and Maud Kirk are:
        31      i.      Clair D. Wallace, born July 1890 in OH; died April 19, 1939 in OH.
        32      ii.     Glen Wallace, born Abt. 1891 in OH.
        7.  Elizabeth Susan Wallace was born May 03, 1847 in Richland, OH, and died January 30, 1933 in Madison, Williams, OH.  She married Granville Grafton Brown February 15, 1866 in Madison, Williams, OH, son of Daniel Brown and Emily Atwood.  He was born September 18, 1844 in NY, and died October 14, 1907 in Madison, Williams, OH.
Children of Elizabeth Wallace and Granville Brown are:
        33      i.      Charles Elmer Brown, born March 07, 1867 in Pioneer, Williams, OH; died May 01, 1933 in Danville, Vermillion, IL.  He married Rachel Mary Anderson December 23, 1900 in Danville, Vermillion, IL; born April 29, 1879 in Armstrong, Vermillion, IL; died April 20, 1918 in Danville, Vermillion, IL.
        34      ii.     Andrew Jackson Brown, born July 17, 1869 in Madison, Williams, OH; died February 28, 1944 in Williams, OH.  He married Nora E. Abt. 1893; born December 1873 in OH.
        35      iii.    George A. Brown, born March 03, 1875 in Madison, Williams, OH; died July 21, 1965 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.  He married Lottie Alvina Slough October 31, 1899 in Pioneer, Williams, OH; born April 25, 1881 in OH; died August 20, 1967 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.
        36      iv.     John B. Brown, born August 20, 1876 in Madison, Williams, OH; died September 12, 1944 in Rankin, IL.  He married Mabel Daso April 09, 1906; born August 02, 1883 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.
        37      v.      Herman I. Brown, born February 28, 1879 in Madison, Williams, OH; died May 15, 1958.  He married Lora E. Baer; born Abt. 1882 in OH.
        38      vi.     Leonard G. Brown, born December 25, 1880 in Madison, Williams, OH; died September 07, 1956.  He married (1) Zellah Laser June 29, 1905; born October 03, 1885.  He married (2) Nina E. Haworth Abt. 1938 in Rockville, IN.
        39      vii.    Clara Mae Brown, born November 22, 1882 in Madison, Williams, OH; died January 01, 1947.  She married Alvah Franks December 29, 1910; born March 31, 1887 in Pioneer, Williams, OH.
        40      viii.   Wesley O. Brown, born May 23, 1888 in Madison, Williams, OH; died January 08, 1956.  He married Ethel May Pool January 27, 1914.
        41      ix.     Ernest Levi Brown, born September 25, 1894 in Madison, Williams, OH; died May 18, 1952 in OH.  He married Lilian E. Dickinson September 24, 1921.
        8.  Noah A. Wallace was born October 1849 in OH, and died June 11, 1929 in MI.  He married (1) Mary A..  She was born Abt. 1851 in OH.  He married (2) Bertha Jane McNutt October 07, 1877 in Williams, OH, daughter of Henry McNutt and Eliza Schooten.  She was born July 1859 in OH.
Children of Noah Wallace and Bertha McNutt are:
        42               i.             Maggie B. Wallace, born Abt. 1877 in OH.
        43              ii.     Alice M. Wallace, born November 1879 in OH. She married (1) unknown Sayles.  He was     born in MI. She married (2) Fred Merritt.
        44      iii.    Laura May Wallace, born May 19, 1885; died October 17, 1965 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara,CA.  She married (1) Fredrick Richard Mileham in CA; born March 22, 1901 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA; died April 24, 1976 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA.  She married (2) Frank Cole.
        45      iv.     Earl M. Wallace, born October 1888 in OH.
        46      v.      Benjamin F. Wallace, born June 1890 in OH.
        47      vi.     Harold L. Wallace, born September 1892 in MI.
        9.  Isaac W. Wallace was born December 1852 in OH, and died 1902 in Williams, OH.  He married Catherine Abt. 1879.  She was born February 1857 in MI, and died 1910 in Williams, OH.
Child of Isaac Wallace and Catherine is:
        48      i.      Anna Wallace, born June 1888 in MI.
        10.  John H. Wallace was born March 1854 in OH, and died in MI.  He married (1) Mary A. Bef. 1880.  She was born Abt. 1863 in OH.  He married (2)
Melissa J. Abt. 1890.  She was born January 1872 in IL.
Children of John Wallace and Melissa J. are:
        49      i.      Floyd A. Wallace, born December 27, 1890 in OH; died May 26, 1982 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI.
        50      ii.     Vada M. Wallace, born May 11, 1892 in OH; died April 06, 1986 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI.  She married unknown Stone.
        12.  George C. Wallace was born April 1863 in OH.  He married Siena Abt. 1886.  She was born May 1863 in OH.
Children of George Wallace and Siena are:
        51      i.      Delphina Wallace, born December 1887 in OH.
        52      ii.     May Wallace, born November 1889 in OH.
        53      iii.    Noah Wallace, born March 1894 in OH.
        54      iv.     Bessie Wallace, born March 1897 in OH.
        55      v.      Andrew Wallace, born March 1900 in OH.

Troy Johnson,  tljohnson@citynet.net, March 27, 2004, Compton, Gilbert 

I am looking for decendants of Perry and Missouri Gilbert Compton. They were both born in Virginia. I do not know if they ever lived in Ohio, but some of their children did.  Missouri was a sister to my grandmother Mahala "Hallie" Gilbert Johnson. Missouri died January 27, 1953 and Perry died around 1938. They both died in Virginia.

My new e-mail address is: troyljohnson@hotmail.com

Dorothy Prough, dojopro@sbcglobal.net, April 4, 2004, DAVIDSON, ELKINS

My great grandmother was JEANETTE MICHAEL,(maiden name was DAVIDSON) born in Ohio in 1844. She married David Wesley Michael in 1868 and they lived in Hicksville, OH. I believe her mother was Elizabeth Davidson but I do not know her fathers name.
Elizabeth Davidson had other children by the names of John, Mary, Lawrence and Vandaca whom I have found on the 1870 census of Defiance Co. Hicksville, OH. 

David Wesley Michael was the son of Lewis and Louisa Elkins.  Both Lewis and Louisa were born in West Virginia in 1810 but that is all I know about them.   
If anyone might have information on these families I would greatly appreciate it if you would share with me or help me know where I might find more about them.

Anita Robinson Reid , OLCOTTGENERAL@aol.com , Aprip 9, 2004 - BLOSSER, FESSLER,

I am a board member of the Niagara County, New York, Genealogical Society and I have recently acquired Christian Blosser ( born Pa 1875-28 September 1858 NY) and I understand that Peter Blosser is burried in a cemetery in your county.  Is it possible to obtain any information.  Peter was married to a Rebecca Fessler, and I understand she is also buried there. I have the rest of Christian's children, some burried here in western NY and another son Christian II and his wife burried in Disinger Cemetery, Jackson Township, Seneca co, OH.  I am the 3rd great grandaughter of Mathias Blosser who is a brother to Christian Blosser I, I do have most of that family line. 

Lillian Spyke, mosshammond@comcast.net, April 9, 2004 - MINNICH/MINNICK

Seeking information on the birth of Agnes Minnich (Minnick).
Born to Joseph and Harriett Minnich in Hicksville, Defiance, OH, on 17Dec1850.  Are records available for this time?  I would like to find any information as to where this family resided in OH, and other family members.  They moved to my state of MI later, but I would appreciate earlier history on them.

Joy, JOYMCGRATH@aol.com , April 10, 2004 - COLE, KIMMICH
Researching family of Wilson Cole b. Nov 1883 in Defiance Co., Mark township. I believe he married my great aunt, Mary Kimmich, born 1881 in Henry County, Pleasant township.  I cannot find them past the 1920 census when they were living in Ward 2 of Defiance City. 

Carolyn Ghys, cgag1@earthlink.net, April 30, 2004 - SOLLY, FREDERICK

My ggrandfather  is the late George J  Solly. died in Defiance about 1934. He was from Kent, England. my ggrand mother was Rachael Ann Frederick died about 1929....Rachael was from Delaware co

Frank Deitrich, fdmk@localnet.com, May 5, 2004 - DEITRICH, ELIAS

My 2 x Gt Grandfather ELIAS DEITRICH entered Defiance County just prior to 1850.  He is listed in the census each year as living in Evansport, Ohio.  He died Sept. 19, 1884 and is buried in the old Evansport cemetery.  His children were: Levi, Catharine, Jonathan, Sidney Jane, Franklin Daniel, Charles, and Mary.  His wife for these children was a Lucy Ann, died Aug 7, 1859, and is also at old Evansport cemetery.  ELIAS  then married a Julia A. Peacock Mar 24, 1861, and is in the new Evansport cemetery.  The only information about the origin of ELIAS DEITRICH says he was born in Pennsylvania about Feb. 12, 1816.  I have been trying for years now trying to find out where he was born and who his parents were with no success.  My query is, has anyone in Defiance County have any knowledge of the children of ELIAS DEITRICH that might possibly give me a clue as where to concentrate my search in Pennsylvania.  Any information is really   really  appreciated. 

Kathy Renn, shamkore3@mchsi.com, May 28, 2004 - HEBESTREIT

I am looking for any information on Otto Louis HEBESTREIT and his wife Caroline "Carrie" Milberger HEBESTREIT.    They moved to Ohio from Kansas and he may have been a Reverend of a  church there.  Carrie was born in 1893, so we are looking for a time period of the early to middle 1900's.  Thanks so much, Kathy Renn

Boyd Leuenberger, Nleuenberger@cs.com , June 6, 2004

Old Forest Home Cemetery - Looking for William Lewis (Sr) born about 1779 died after 1860. I believe he is buried in this cemetery. Does anyone have access to the cemetery records or a tombstone index?

Gene Goshorn, geneg265@aol.com, July 4, 2004 - SINN, GOSHORN

Seeking obituary or other information on MARGARET SINN, who died in Defiance County on Feb. 21, 1923.  I believe she was married and her maiden name was GOSHORN, but am not certain.  I would appreciate any background on Margaret.  Thank you.

Jon Kahlo, jonrk@charter.net, July 20, 2004 - KAHLO

I was in Defiance a few weeks ago to do family history research. Unfortunately it was the Monday after July 4th and the library was closed. I live in Missouri and my family lives in Xenia, OH. My surname is KAHLO. I read about the Kahlo Cemetery in Defiance and found it. I took pictures of the gravestones that were still readable. The primary and largest stone had the names Henry Kahlo, Dora Kahlo, and Harmon Kahlo. I believe that Harmon is my Great-Great GF. I have some birth and death dates for a Henry Kahlo in Defiance but they don't match the Gravestone dates. I think this must be an earlier Henry. Also, the dates on the Gravestone for Harmon look like 1854-1854. This of course doesn't make since. I have a death cert. for my great gf and it says Harmon is the father. Anyway I would appreciate anything you may find on any Kahlo, but especially Henry and Harmon.

Kenneth Nemire, knemire@cruzio.com, Aug. 6, 2004 - BAKER

Seeking names of parents for these George Bakers: 1. George W BAKER , d. 23 Apr 1925, 2. George E BAKER , d. 16 Mar 1930, 3. George M Baker, d. 3 Apr 1931

Dave Gilliard, dgilliard@ncbb.net, Aug. 27, 2004 - SPENCER

I am looking for any information on Anderson P. Spencer who appears with his family in the 1880 Census in Milford, Defiance, OH.

Maradean, Soxmitze@aol.com, Aug. 31, 2004 - MacDONALD

I am looking for information about my late husband's family.  His father was Fred MacDonald (born Jan. 4, 1906 in Defiance, Ohio, death - Sept.23, 1977, Shelby co. In).  Fred's parents were William N. (Nicholas) MacDonald and Laura Huffman MacDonald.  William was born Oct. 10, (1880-1882).   Don't know for sure the year.  William died in Florida Sept. 19, 1963.
According to William's marriage application (second marriage to Blanche Jenkins in Greensburg, In.) his parents' names were Angus MacDonald (b-Canada) and Rachel Buckmaster (b-Defiance, Oh.)  And William's first wife died Dec. 12, 1917.

Laura Crowther, lauracrowther@cox.net, Aug. 31, 2004 - HALL, BROWN

I have a great great grandfather named Obed Hall who was married to a Nancy Jane Brown in Hicksville, Defiance co Ohio.  I have a lot of information on Obed but almost nothing on Nancy Jane Brown.  She was born September 13, 1834 and died July 19, 1866.  She had 3 children with Obed-Isabella, Henrietta and Henry.  I am a decendant of Henry Lincoln Hall by his 2nd wife Pearl.  Nancy Jane Brown-Hall was buried in White Cloud Michigan.  Family stories say she died in child birth and the baby is buried with her.  I know Obed was a leader in the United Brethern Church.  He was instrumental in starting a UB church in Fremont, Michigan.  Any help with information on Nancy would be appreciated.

Sara Ketcham, sarasalli@msn.com, Sept. 1, 2004 - HENRY

In June of 2004 I visited Defiance and Hicksville hoping to find information on my ggrandfather, Edward Henry.  I could not find anything on Edward, but to my great surprise and happiness, I did find some info and even the grave site of his father, Abram Henry of Hicksville.  My query is this...when we found the grave site in Hicksville Cemetery, someone had put flowers on this site.  There are no Henry's listed in Hicksville and I would love to contact the person who cares for this grave so tenderly.

I have tried to email the woman who posted the following query, but her email address is no longer valid, so I was hoping you could post my message
Thank you!

Jackie Penrod Thomas, grayston@comteck.com , July 13, 1998 - MILLER

Looking for info on Barnet MILLER, b. Belmont Co.Oh. 1828. Lived and died in Defiance Co.Oh. d. 1903. married 3 times Children were, 1. A.W. MILLER 2. A.J. MILLER 3. B.F. MILLER 4. S.E. MILLER 5. O.Bruce MILLER 6. Ira MILLER 7. Miller MILLER.
will be happy to share family info.

MY RESPONSE: Found your query from 1998 on the Defiance County Genealogy Site at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohdefian/query005.htm#2092.
Do not know if  you are still interested in this family, but I am a great great granddaughter of Barnet's Brother, Samuel H. Miller. I also have contact with 2    of  Barnets granddaughters (through Samuel E + Ira). Feel free to email me anytime at reeoh69@msn.com

Tannie Rothgeb-Tate

Born in Defiance County, raised in Paulding County, now residing in SE Tennessee. Interested in these surnames: MORRIS, MILLER, MAIN, WILES, LLOYD, RIDENOUR and more. Check out our family tree with over 9100+ individuals, 2100+ surnames (890+ ROTHGEBS) at: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=tate913

Mrs. Skip Honeck, skiphoneck@juno.com, Sept. 27, 2004 - FOSTER

I am looking for information on Robert C. Foster who was born in Henry County, OH the son of Gladys Honeck Foster. He was born on March 9, 1926 and died on April 14, 1996. His last place of residence was Defiance, OH.

Raven, silver_vampyre@yahoo.com, Dec. 27, 2004 - BURCO/BERCAW, CLOW

Searching for information on the family of Mathias Burco, living in Defiance, OH in 1855, originally from Pennsylvania.  Married to Maria Clow.  He was born about 1830.

Debbie Coventry, decoventry@hotmail.com, Dec. 30, 2004 - GILTS

Looking for any information on Nellie Gilts born August 15, 1878 also known to us as Nellie Giltz. Would like to connect with Sheryl Parry who inquired in Sept.1999 but email address is incorrect. This woman may have been my greatgrandmother and I am looking for any information on her.

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