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AWALLAC@aol.com , Jan. 17, 2005
Still working on the "where's" for my records. Was there a Newville, Ohio in the 1800s which might have been one of the ghost towns now?

CANDY USHER, c.usher@sbcglobal.net, Jan. 23, 2005 - BAYLOR

By chance have you ever found any Baylor's? Samuel Baylor? Apparently Orphans Court Documents were sent to Howe, PO which was around between 1882-1885.

Lorie Harrell, jlharrellqscv@charter.net, Feb. 2, 2004 - VanVLERAH, SCHOONOVER

I have already been in contact with Liz Wells.  Would like to contact other VanVlerah researchers.  My son's grandmother is Joyce VanVlerah Slack.  I also have a bible of Earl VanVlerah. I am also researching the Schoonover surname.

KCash527@aol.com, Feb. 7, 2005 - GILBERT, SISCO(E), SWITZER

I'm looking for information on a Henry Gilbert b.12/1835 OH, married a Viana Sisco(e), on 7/1860. Also Elizabeth Gilbert b.1849 who married Elliot Siscoe in Feb.1880 in Defiance Co. I am looking for the relationship between these two Gilberts and hopefully who their parents were. I believe they were all around Farmer/Hicksville/Bryan. Henry and Viana died in Farmer, and are buried in the Lost Creek Cemetery. Viana lived with her daughter Rena and son-in-law David W. Switzer in her later years. Henry died Aug.09,1914 and Viana died in 1912.

Salli Ketcham,  sarasalli@msn.com, Feb. 8, 2005 - HENRY

My grandmother was Helen (born Clara) Day Henry, b. 09Dec1883 in Hicksville.  Her parents were Edward and Helen Porter Henry whom I cannot find after the 1880 census where I found him as an 18 year old in his fathers home. Edwards father was Abram Henry who was a Civil War Veteran and is buried in the Hicksville cemetery.  When I was there, there were flowers at his grave stone and I wonder if there are relatives in the area that I missed on my visit.  Abram had a farm in an area that is now downtown Hicksville.  He was married to Edwards mother, Emmalene, who died 01Dec1888 , and then   he married twice again, lastly to Sarah Bell on 11Feb1890. Abram had 2 other children with Emmaline besides Edward. If anyone has a lead where I might find the elusive Edward please email me.  I traveled to Ohio to find him and found nothing on him, but I did find his father, Abram so it wasn't altogether a loss.

Robin, cavediver@advizexweb.com, Feb. 27, 2005 - ESERY, CLARK, HILL, SHIRLEY, EDWARDS

I am trying to find out about my grandfather's family.  Here is what I know.  His name was Shirely Esery Clark.  His mother was Addie Shirley.  Her mother was Alice Hill, and her father was Charles Shirley.  Alice Hill's mother was Elizabeth Edwards and her father was David Hill.  Elizabeth Edwards mother was Mary Altman (her step-mom was Rachel Hill) and her father was Samuel E Edwards, (The Ohio Hunter)
    As father as Shirely Esery Clark's father's side goes, I'm stuck.  His father was Frank B. Clark.  Frank's father was Harve Clark, and his mother was Ellen Sands.  Family oral tradition says Ellen was an Ottawa Indian from Snake Town.  Everyone I've listed, except for Samuel Edwards was born in Ohio, and most of them in Henry and Defiance County.  I live in Cleveland, so I don' have access the records I need.  Anyone have anything they are willing to share.

Peg Christner, PegSDabwm@aol.com, Feb. 27, 2005 - HAHN, LENHART

We are interested in the Hahn history. Friedrich Hahn was born in Ohio, to Jacob Hahn, Sr. and Katherine Lenhart. We think he was born at New Phillipsburg. His parents migrated from Germany. He had a brother Jacob, Jr. who was married at Defiance. thank you for any info you may have.

Barry Smith, bsmith@locl.net, Feb. 27, 2005 - BEIDERWELL, KELLERMEIER

My wife is a direct descendant of the Beiderwell lineage and I have additional information on the family from an old bible, obituaries, and personal notes from distant relatives. My wife's name is Leabeth Scattergood and her great-great-grandfather was John Henry Beiderwell (1846-1922) who married Sarah Kellermeier (1846-1925).

Linda Sponsler,  sponsl@cox.net, March 6, 2005 - SPONSLER

I'm interested in the Sponsler surname.  Last decendant I have found is Charles Sponsler on 1900 Cenus in Ottawa, Kansas.  I believe he was born in Ohio. My father was George Donald Sponsler passed away in Oklahoma 1965. Any links you might provide would be of interest.

Debbie Knight, Knightnsaugus@aol.com, March 19, 2005 - LONG, ANTES, RUTHRAUFF

I am looking for the parents of my gg grandmother Mary Ann Long born in  Mask Antes, Defiance, Ohio in 1847.  She married Andrew Snyder Ruthrauff.   Does anyone know this family?

Lori Kniss Saavedra, lorisaavedra@yahoo.com, March 20, 2005 - KNISS, MELLINER

I am looking for Alfred Kniss who bought land through BLM in Defiance County Ohio on 12/15/1854. He was born in Paulding Co., Ohio in 1830. His parents were Benjamin Kniss and Catherine Melliner Kniss.

Carla, CarlaTaylor213@aol.com, April 11, 2005 - MARTELLE

I'm looking for information on the Martelle family.  My great grandfather, Jacob Agustus Martelle was born in Defiance County, Ohio on June 25, 1861.  His father was William H. Martelle, who was born in Quebec, Canada, and his mother was Amanda Palmer, born in Pennsylvania.  I know that I have a great uncle, Joseph T. Martelle, but I don't know where he was born or any other children William and Amanda had.  Any information you can provide to me would be very helpful.

Lisa Ledyard,  lledyard@yarkauto.com, May 6, 2005 - HARADER

I am searching for more information on the Samuel & Anna Harader family, they came into Defiance County around the late 1890's. I would really appreciate any help or leads in finding more information.

Sandy, schnieder@sbcglobal.net, May 15, 2005 - HEPKER LINDERMAN

Our family records reflect four children of John Henry Hepker and Ann Elisabeth Linderman being born 1840-1848 in Defiance, Williams County, OH. I also find census records 1840 and 1850 that appear to be this family in Superior, Williams, OH. Can you help me sort out where they likely lived during this period?

Mike Wise, mwisexpr@sdccu.net, May 20, 2005 - THOMAS, LIMBAUGE

I am looking for information regarding the Thomas's in Delaware twsp, around an area know as "the bend" William Thomas is my gggrandfather. One his son's Nicholas is my ggrandfather. His son Vincent J. is my grandfather. I am particularly interested in history regarding William's immigration and identifying his different wifes. I am also trying to track down a possible Limbaugh connection as I suspect that a Catharine Thomas may have married a Frank Limbauge. She was born in 1846. He was born about 1844. He is probably of Belgium decent. Any  information on this connection would be greatly appreciated.

James, neff.james@worldnet.att.net, June 13, 2005 - GARDNER, CRAWFORD

I am searching for information on David Gardner, married to Julia Ann Gardner, arriving in Ohio approx. 1837.  They arrived with 3 children, William, Polly, and Myron all born in upper Canada.  There were many more children born in Ohio.  They were Samuel, Lucinda, Chancy, Ann, & Alva.  William married Addie Crawford and had two sons, Ira Amos, and David H.  William, Myron and I believe Samuel were all in the Civil War.  Samuel and William died in 1862.  William is buried at Shiloh.  He was my great-great grandfather.  Lucinda married L. H. Wideman 9/29/1864 and I believe there was an Alice or maybe it was Ann that married William R. Shroll 6/4/1875.

Mike, michael_bridenbaugh@byu.edu, June 14, 2005 - BRIDENBAUGH, DAVIS, WILSON

I am trying to find any information on the Bridenbaugh line from the Defiance area during the early 1800's.  I am a direct descendent of Frederick BRIDENBAUGH born 1809 from PA. married Catharine DAVIS born about 1813 from Maryland.  Frederick came to Defiance at about 1832 with several brothers and a sister.  I believe the brothers may be Peter, William, Henry, and Philip. 

Frederick and Catherine were productive farmers, having had 10 children.  They are as follows by age: Franklin G., Elizabeth, Mary, Cornelia, John M., Adeline (Addie), Frederick L., William, Alice, and Ida.  My GGfather is Frederick L. who married Eva May WILSON in the Toledo area.  They had two children, Frederick C. and Lee Monroe, who is my grandfather.

I am seeking any information on the original Bridenbaughs, as I cannot link them to any other line in PA as yet.  I have considerable information on many of the family members listed above, as well as some history. 

Robert McConnell, robert@dsolar.com, July 3, 2005 - COLWELL, SPURGEON

Samuel Spurgeon married my ancestor Elizabeth Colwell on December 20, 1849 in Defiance County, OH.  I am looking for any information available about him. 

Marita Taber, mhtaber@cs.com, July 5, 2005 - KARR

My Greatgrandfather is Robert Sullivan Karr.  I'm looking for information about his parents and where they were from.  My Grandmother is Minnie Jane Karr.   I have information about her brothers and sisters and some of their families.

Mike Trussell, MTruss8841@aol.com, July 14, 2005 - TRUSSELL

I am looking for any body who knows anything about my Greatgrandfather William Harvey Trussell. I know that he was in your county or area bout 1860 to 1879. He was married to Maggie Musselman in Paulding, on 1878 by Probate Judge CLNoble. He had two sons who were born in Hicksville their names were William F Trussell born Februrary 9th 1885 and his other son whose name became known as Americus Robilus Trussell born March 19th 1887.I suspect that he maqy have attended the college there for surveying. I don't know the name but if somebody might know whould you be so kind to pass the name along? He later moved to Michigan where he became the county surveyor and later died. Would appreciate any help in this matter.

Kelly Neumeier, kelly@neumeier.us, July 17, 2005 - BATT, PAHL, MACK, etc.

I'm looking for other descendants of the following Defiance County families (these are all from the last half of the 1800s to the first part of the 1900s):

    * Joseph BATT & Julia PAHL
    * Jonas MACK & Catherine RAUB/ROOP
    * Anthony KOLB & Theresia MACK
    * Ferdinand BOFF & Anna Kunigunda HOEFFNER
    * John SHONDEL & Gertrude BECHTEL
    * Valentine SHONDEL & Mary MOHR
    * Martin DEITRICK & Catherine JACKMAN (lived in Henry Co.)
    * Phillip SINGER & Margaret FROELICH
    * Michael WEBER & Ottilia BRENNER

All have descendants who lived/live in Defiance county. Looking to connect with cousins, share information, family photos, etc.

Diane, Rainen03@aol.com, July 29. 2005 - VANDENBROK

I am looking for any info on Albert Vandenbrok who is in the 1860 census for Defiance Twp, Defiance, Ohio.

Dale Dailey, daileyda@msu.edu, Aug. 8, 2005 - BREIDENBAUGH/BREIDENBACH, TREMBLEY

I have considerable information on these families and would like to communicate with others.

Rose, zmschaer@mtco.com, Aug 14, 2005 - WELKER, STRUSAKER

Can anyone tell me if a Grace A. WELKER born about 1885 married Unknown Strusaker? They appear to have had a daughter born about 1905 in Georgia. Grace a widow and daughter are living with Matildy Welker Grace's mother in 1920 in Defiance County. This is just three houses from Weston Welker.

Pavla Chandler, CHANDLERPRIME@wmconnect.com,  August 25, 2005 - SHANTON, ZOLMAN

Would like information on and to hear from descendants of: Isaac/Isac Shanton (b ca 1854 OH) and Alice his wife (b ca 1860 OH), their children Mabel, Cora & Ray.  Mabel married Charles Zolman, had children Lawrence, Edith, Alice, Laura.  Charles had died by 1930 as Mabel was back w/mother Alice Shanton in Hicksville, ided as widowed, with youngest child only.  Other children back in Polk county, Wisconsin where they'd been living.

Martha, martha.johnston@verizon.net, Sept 9, 2005 - SPENCER, JOHNSTON

Defiance County “Poor House”.  I lost track of my grandmother after the 1910 census.  I believe she remarried while in the Poor House and did not take my father or his sister with her. My grandfather’s name was Washington Alfred Johnston and he died in May of 1903.  My father was born in June of 1903 and his name was Roger Washington Johnston.

Gene Mattocks, mattocks@pacbell.net, Sept. 30, 2005 - MATTOCKS

Would like to swap information with anyone researching the MATTOCKS surname in Defiance, Williams and/or Paulding Counties, Ohio.   Of particular interest is learning more about (1) John MATTOCKS who appears to have died in Defiance County in about 1857; (2) another John MATTOCKS, born about 1805 in Pennsylvania and died sometime after the 1870 census of Pulaski Township, Williams County; and (3) Edward MATTOCKS, who had Williams County Probate #333 circa 1854.    Descendants of these gentlemen lived, it appears, alternatively in the 3 counties. 

Cheryl Kirkpatrick, chercork@locl.net, Oct, 23, 2005 - ROSE

My great-grandmother, Rhosa Jane Rose,was born 31 July 1834 in Defiance Co. I am trying to find information on her parents. I was told he died when she was a baby and her mother remarried. All I know is his name was Thomas Rose.

Jennifer Gonnuscio, jensgen@comcast.net, Oct. 25, 2005 - O'BRIEN, CALLAHAN, LANGDON

I am tracing a family that often visits Panama- I think Panama, Ohio.  I am looking for the family of James J. Callahan, probably married Ellen O'Brien b.1870 OH and John Langdon, probably married Lillian "Aunt Lil" O'Brien b.1875-1885 OH.  My family of Eugene Patrick O'Brien of Toledo is still visiting regularly in the 1940's

Irene Hart, LadyG8r924@wmconnect.com, Nov. 10, 2005 - HART

HART:  Looking for information on Archie Hart/Archie W. Hart (b. 1897).  1900 census has him listed as an inmate in the Defiance County Children's Home, Tiffin Township, along with siblings Nellie (b. 1890), Ruth (b. 1899), and Wade (b. 1893).  I have no information regarding his parents' names.  Am also interested in what happened in Ohio around that time that would necessitate putting these four children in an orphanage.

Mary Wolverton, marywolverton@culcom.net, Nov. 9, 2005 - SUTTON, NEWELL

I would like to know if I can find apprentiship records in Defiance County.  My g grnadfather Harvey Sutton was an apprentice for a blacksmith named Mr Denman in Jan 1846. Harvey Sutton was about fifteen years of age at that time.  I would like to find out who his parents were. We think he was an orphan born 1831 in New York. He was married to Malinda E Newell in Henry Co Ohio in 1852. 

BrigShrl@aol.com,   Nov. 21, 2005 - HIRSCH

Looking for informtion on Simon and Lena Hirsch family.

Send your Defiance County related queries to DCGS at defiancegenealogy2002@yahoo.com   I can not answer them or provide a look up service but the queries will be posted here for others researching this area to see.

IMPORTANT:  In the subject line of your E-mail put, "Defiance County Query".

**The more specific the query the better results you will get. **

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