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William R. McDonald, w.mcdonald@hotmail.com , March 4, 2008 - McDonald

I am looking for any and all information relating to Andrew J. McDonald (died 2/11/1963) his wife Callie (born 8/19/1884 & died 3/29/1971), Patrick McDonald (Born 7/6/1842 and died 2/16/1930) and his wife Martha Kidd McDonald (born 2/15/1855 and died 9/15/1904).

I understand that Andrew had five children of which two died in infancy, Richard, Mildred and Robert. I also understand that Patrick fought in the Civil War.

I would like copies of any document on the above, if they are available.

Linda Jean Nicholson, nicmack@pei.sympatico.ca, March 8, 2008 - RENTON

I am looking for information on the Jane (aka Jennie) Renton and her family. She is listed in the 1860 census in Defiance residing with her siblings David Renton (Boatman, age 24), William Renton (Boatman, age 19), Daniel Renton (age 17), Margaret Renton (age 11), and Christa Renton (age 9). Jane was 15 years old and a teacher. All the Renton children were born in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Jane left Defiance and married in PEI, but returned again in 1868 to give birth to a daughter. Would like contact with anyone working on this family.

Jane Butler, jane127@socal.rr.com, March 13, 2008 - ADAM

I am looking for a Charles Adam..born in Germany. Lived in Ohio from 1833 until death.

Wife's name Christina..three older children born in Germany.

Gottlieb Adam first child to be born in USA. any information greatly appreciated.

Mary, royalty@hanover.edu, April 17, 2008 - WELLS, MONROE

I am looking for information on William Gobel Wells, dob 9-25-1898, Trimble County KY, parents James Wells and Alice Monroe. Bill was my grandfather, he and my grandmother divorced when my father was two years old. My grandmother did not allow him to have any contact with my father. We believe that he was living in the Cincinnati area in 1934. I do know that his family contacted my father in the early 1980’s to say that Bill had passed away, he was in Ohio at the time. My father is gone and my mother does not have a very good memory of things now so I have very little to go on. I have been able find his sister and his brothers and parts of their families but not Bill. If you have any information on him would you please send it to me. I would very much like to find his location.

Kent, kfihome46@aol.com, May, 18, 2008 - GENTER, BAUMGARTNER

Looking for "any" information on a Catharine (Katharine, Kate, Kathy, Cathy) GENTNER or BAUMGARTNER.

Supposedly, Defiance County has a Marriage Record for Catharine GENTNER and George BAUMGARTNER for 28Nov1865. This was her second marriage. Her first husband, George GENTNER died in a Civil War POW camp in most likely Florence, GA.

Am looking for any mention of Catharine's parents or her movements from Michigan or even Crawford County, Ohio in the early 1860s. She came to America, on the same ship as George GENTNER, in 1860 or 1861 and this George worked the Michigan mines before he purchased at least 40 acres of farm land in Defiance County.

Ray Shasteen, ray77001@comcast.net, May 21, 2008 - SHASTEEN, HOLLY

I am looking for burial, obituary or any other information on the following:

  1. Elizabeth Shasteen - Richland Township Defiance Co OH death record died 1856 widow age 74 born VA birth calculated 1782. Suspect may be wife of William Shasteen of same area who was last on the census in the area in 1830.
  2. Frances Shasteen Holly b 1784/1800 VA died after 1850 census Highland Township, Defiance Co OH. Could conceivably be the Elizabeth above if divorced and reverted to maiden name but nothing to indicate this except proximity. Married to Nathaniel Holly 8 Jul 1818 or 1819 Gallia Co. OH

Reasonable path followed in census records to trace family to:

Would appreciate any info on any of the Holly family members as it might lead to something else.

Tom Crago, TomJanetTravelin@aol.com, October 7, 2009 - CRAGO

I am looking for and collecting information about the Craigo's and Crago's of Defiance County, OH. There were two James Craigo's in the County. One settled before 1840 and the other came a bit later. I am happy to exchange information.


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